Water Leak Under Your Driveway? How to Fix It

If you’ve noticed some suspicious puddles in the driveway or you’ve seen water running into your yard with no known source you could possibly have a water leak under your driveway. Water leaks start small but can be a big problem, especially if you’re hoping to sell your house. Read on to see how to deal with a water leak under your driveway and how it affects your home sale.

Signs of a Water Leak on Your Property

Signs of a Water Leak on Your Property

One tell-tale sign of a water leak is noticing pooling water around your driveway. What may appear at first to be an overwatered lawn or a neighbor running water onto your property could actually be a broken or damaged pipe leaking to the surface of your driveway.

Pay attention to your water bill. If you don’t see any major sign of a leak but notice a significant spike in your water bill that could be an indicator that there is an unseen problem. Likewise, noticing a decrease in water pressure in your home could be a sign that a leak is happening. In general a homes water pressure should be between 40-50 psi and you can measure your water pressure with a gauge to determine where you are at.

Finally, if you’ve heard some hissing or rumbling sounds while in your basement or crawl space that could be a sign of a water leak under your driveway. Make sure to go and listen when no one in the house is showering or using the washing machine or dishwasher so you’ll be able to clearly hear unusual water sounds.

What Causes Water Leaks Under the Driveway?

If you live in an older home it could be that your water pipes have worn out, causing a leak under the driveway. If the home is newer pipes unfortunately could still be the culprit as temperature or shifting soil can damage pipes which leads to breakages or leaks.

If you have trees growing near your driveway they could be the cause of the problem. Tree roots can grow into pipes unseen underground and cause them to break.

Steps to Take if You Suspect a Water Leak

First you need to have everyone in your house stop using the water and even turn off all appliances that use water. Turn off the inside water at the stop valve (often located under the kitchen sink) and check to make sure it’s turned off by turning on the water faucet. If no water comes out then you have successfully turned off the water inside.

Finally, take a reading on your water meter. Go back one hour and take another reading. If your water meter increases during the hour then you most likely have a water leak.

How to Fix a Water Leak Under the Driveway & What Does it Cost?

How to Fix a Water Leak Under the Driveway and How Much Does it Cost?

Unfortunately diagnosing and repairing a water leak under the driveway is a job best left to professionals and depending on the severity it can get pretty expensive. Contact a plumber and they will use leak detection tools to locate the general source of the water leak.

Once they have located the source the repairs will usually require breaking up and digging out that part of your driveway in order to fix the underlying pipe. You will need to pour new concrete and refinish that part of your driveway once the pipe is repaired. Sometimes a leaking pipe can be re-lined which may mean digging up the property on either side of the driveway in order to push a liner through the existing pipe that seals any cracks or leaks.

A underground water pipe repair will cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.

Sell Your Home With a Water Leak

If you were hoping to sell your home, whether to downsize, get out of debt or to relocate, having a water leak could be a deal breaker for many home buyers. A water leak can’t be ignored either, it will only get worse with time, increasing the cost of your water bill and extending the damage.

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