Can I Get a Loan on a House in Probate?

Helping Utahns with their real estate needs for over 12 years, I’ve seen firsthand how probate loans can be a lifeline during challenging times. Let me walk you through what probate loans are, how they work, and how you can get one if you find yourself in need. What is a Probate Loan? A probate … Continued
Why a Sewer Inspection is Critical Before Buying a House

What is a Sewer Scope? Is it Critical Before Buying a House?

Avoid costly repairs and unexpected stinky surprises by getting a sewer line scope inspection report before purchasing your home. Though less common than a home inspection report, a sewer scope inspection is just as critical and should be considered a necessary step in the house-buying process. A sewer inspection could save you a lot of … Continued

Have an IRS Tax Lien? How to Successfully Sell or Refinance

As a real estate investor and private lender in Utah, I’ve encountered numerous situations where homeowners are struggling with IRS tax liens. I’ve seen firsthand how these liens can complicate selling or refinancing a home, but I’ve also learned there are ways to navigate this challenge successfully. Let me share my experience and insights on … Continued
A hole with a new septic tank sitting in it.

Selling a House With a Pump Septic Tank – Is it Hard?

If you live in a home in a rural area of Utah, then you may be one of the 60+ million people in America who rely on a pump septic tank for home wastewater treatment. Unfortunately, a septic system can carry some negative biases and scare off potential buyers. Avoid the struggle of selling a … Continued
A newer house with a for sale sign in front of it.

How Long Does Foreclosure Take in Utah?

For some homeowners, foreclosure is an unfortunate reality. It is usually one that’s entirely outside of their control. But how long does foreclosure take in Utah? It will actually vary depending on any number of circumstances. Here’s what you should know about what to expect from the foreclosure process. How Long Does Foreclosure Take in … Continued
A pen on top of a page from a last will and testimate.-GaryBuysHouses

Can a Child be Responsible for Parents Debt

Inheriting Family Debt The loss of a loved one is never an easy event, no matter how long you’ve prepared for it. But what happens when you are inheriting family debt? As the age old adage says, only two things are certain in life: death and taxes. While death may be an inevitable fact, it … Continued
ContiMan and woman looking at contingent and pending papers.

Accepting Backup Offers vs Pending

Contingency versus Pending Transactions It can be a bit confusing when the subject of contingent versus pending comes up during a real estate transaction. A contingency is a condition that has to be met for contract to move forward, while a pending contract is one in which all the contingencies have been met. A contingency … Continued