Mini-Guide on How To Sell Land Without A Realtor In Utah

How to Sell Land Without a Realtor (Mini-Guide)

Selling your home without a realtor isn’t necessarily the most complicated transaction in the world. In fact, it can be a fairly simple process which can be fulfilled more quickly than most people think. But knowing how to sell land without a realtor? That’s an entirely different story. It’s not just that it’s complicated. The … Continued
How Can You Sell an Old House that Needs a lot of Work?

How Can You Sell an Old House that Needs A lot of Work

As of September 2023, the average number of days a home is listed on the market is 57 days. If you are trying to sell an old house that needs work, then statistics show that your home may be on the market for a significantly longer period of time. How to Sell an Old House … Continued
tenants rights when landlord sells property

Tenants Rights When Your Landlord Sells Property (Updated)

Selling rental property house isn’t quite the same as selling your primary home. For one, there’s certain tax implications to selling a rental house you may not be aware of. And taxes on selling a rental house can be unavoidable. There’s also the question of maintaining a rental—which isn’t always easy when you’re not onsite … Continued
hardship letter for short sales - How To Write A Short Sale Hardship Letter

How To Write A Short Sale Hardship Letter (With Template)

It’s a troubling statistic for many Utah residents to face but Utah is among the top 5 USA states with the highest debit-to-income ratio of 1.83 (Hawaii is #1). As of 2023, Utah’s average debt per capita is $64,567. The average student load debt for Utah residents is $26,307, among the highest. There’s a strong … Continued
how to sell a fixer upper house

How to Sell a Fixer Upper House Fast and Guaranteed!

Maybe it’s your first house. Maybe it’s a rental property. To you, it’s a fixer upper. But to your neighbors? Homely might be a charitable term. Distressed? In need of repairs? Priced to sell? Those may be a little bit more accurate. Selling a Fixer Upper House But if your neighbors think your house is … Continued
the sale of rental property in utah

The Sale of Rental Property (And 4 Tax Implications)

For many property owners, it’s not a question of when the sale of rental property should happen. It’s a question of why. Every property owner will have a different justification behind selling a rental. Some may simply find the upkeep too draining on both their time, energy and patience. Others may be facing what are, … Continued
What Is An All Inclusive Trust Deed

What Is An All Inclusive Trust Deed?

What Is An All Inclusive Trust Deed? It’s a common misconception that a mortgage is the sole formal document facilitating the purchase of a home. While mortgage deeds are certainly the most common, the rise of alternative home loans such as seller financing has also enabled other instruments of securing a home loan. In particular, … Continued