homes for sale in provo utah

A Mini Guide to Leaving or Moving to Provo, Utah

What can you say about living in Provo Utah that can’t be said about other Utah cities? It may be a city of over 116,000 residents (a 3.7 percent increase in just ten years), but its character has always remained essentially unchanged. It’s always been a college town. It’s always been diverse. And it’s always … Continued

To Stay or Look for Homes for Sale in St. George Utah

To Stay or Look for Homes for Sale in St. George Utah

Searching for homes for sale in St. George Utah can be the perfect move for you if you love the heat, red rock and a retirement community environment. For some people, it’s hard to imagine that a city of close to 83,000 people could manage to be both serene and majestic. Those people have obviously … Continued

The Do’s And Don'ts Of A 1031 Property Exchange

The Do’s And Don’ts Of A 1031 Exchange in Utah

Let’s face it, tax codes are rarely going to be an easy subject for the vast majority of us to understand. In fact, most homeowners would rather watch paint dry than discuss the finer points of tax law. But for many Utah residents with property to sell, there’s may be one particular exception: A section … Continued

Selling a Vacation Home in Utah Just Got Easier

Selling a Vacation Home in Utah Just Got Easier!

Downsizing has been on the minds of millions of Americans over the past few years, including investors selling a vacation home. Homeowners are also no different, particularly in Utah, where ownership of multiple homes isn’t just a sign of success. It’s a commonplace occurrence. But there’s a downside to selling a vacation home in Utah, … Continued