Coronavirus: Rents and Mortgages

This blog will be periodically updated as new information is received. Each writing is dated with the newest information at the top of each of the two categories. You should read all the information in rents or mortgages if this is your first visit. I have been asked questions about how the Coranavirusor, or Covid-19, … Continued

the sale of rental property in utah

The Sale of Rental Property (And 4 Tax Implications)

For many property owners, it’s not a question of when the sale of rental property should happen. It’s a question of why. Every property owner will have a different justification behind selling a rental. Some may simply find the upkeep too draining on both their time, energy and patience. Others may be facing what are, … Continued

5 Things That Cause Hoarder Cleanup Costs To Skyrocket

5 Things That Cause Hoarder Cleaning Costs To Skyrocket

We’ve inspected hundreds of distressed properties in Utah over the past ten years, and each situation is always unique. But there’s always a delicate line we tread when it comes to hoarder cleaning costs in Utah houses. It’s not simply that it can be an emotionally sensitive issue to discuss with owners. And it’s not … Continued

5 Tips For Selling A Vacant Home (And 4 Reasons Why You Should!)

Selling a vacant home can be hazard and a big expense many times. It’s a common misconception that buyers look for an “at home” atmosphere when reviewing properties. In fact, the opposite is frequently true. Furnishings, decor and space aren’t a one size fits all phenomenon. They’re subject to personal tastes, quirks and a highly … Continued


4 Steps on How to Stop Foreclosure and Keep Your Home

Loan Modification is the option that a lot of people try and do with their mortgage company. This can be a successful way to go especially if you had a hardship that is no longer affecting your income like you were sick and couldn’t work but now can work. Often times your mortgage company will … Continued

The Tax Implications of Selling Rental Property at a Loss

The Tax Implications of Selling Rental Property at a Loss

Home owners renting out their property and real estate investors alike are often faced with a unique dilemma in financial difficulties: should they continue to manage their properties or simply sell them at a loss? But that dilemma becomes even more pertinent if the property in question is a rental property. For one, some think … Continued

5 Tips for Selling a Vacant House

Many things are different when trying to sell a vacant house vs selling an occupied house. Let’s go over some of these issues to help you get your vacant house sold. The first thing to consider is making sure no on can get into the house unless you want someone to go into the house. … Continued