Selling A House That Needs a Lot of Work

Are you thinking of selling a house that needs a lot of work? If so, you have probably thought about your options such as making all the necessary repairs yourself, hiring someone to make all of the home repairs for you or selling the house as-is. And, what if you are selling a house that needs major repairs? This can be a tough problem because of the cost and finding a qualified company that can make the home repairs for you. Maybe you simply do not want to deal with making all of the repairs necessary for a buyer to get a loan to buy your property. It is amazing how many things there can be that need to be repaired with a house.

Part of the problem selling a house that needs a lot of work is the bank will typically not loan money to a buyer on a house that needs all the work done, or the bank will require a very large cash down payment. Finding a buyer with deep pockets can be hard.  

Another option is to sell your property quickly and easily is to a home buying company. There is never an obligation at Gary Buys Houses.

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selling a house that needs work
Jim & Bonnie, D. Cottonwood HTS, UT

Selling a house that needs work along the Wasatch Front can be a challenge as mentioned above. With our offer, you will know up front how much you will receive at closing with no obligation.  We meet once at the house, then there are no more inspections most of the time.  You may leave any contents in the house that you do not want.  We will even donate useful items to charity.  At Gary Buys Houses we never want anything to be a hassle for you, so we make things simple. We can help in any situation. Jim & Bonnie sold a us a house that needed a lot of repairs.

What is Considered a Major Home Repair

It can be daunting when your house needs major repairs that are difficult to afford. If you want to sell your house, buyers and lenders are probably going to require you to get these repairs done before the sale is completed. Here is a list of common expensive repairs you may need to deal with when selling a house that needs a lot of work.

Roof Repairs

A shingle roof with missing and damaged shingles.

There are many types of roofs out there from asphalt shingle type roofs, clay shingles, tar and gravel and membrane roofs. All of them have a typical life span of about 25 to 30 years. Selling a house that needs a new roof can be difficult because of the potential water damage inside the house and of the high cost to replace a roof.

Foundation Issues

A house foundation with a large crack in it.

Foundation problems can be very minor to severe. Most foundation issues can be fixed, but the cost can be in the 10’s of thousands of dollars. And some foundation issues are so minor they do not need repairs. Determining if a cracked foundation is problematic sometime will take a professional. Signs of major issues are doors that wont shut, large cracks in walls and windows that will not close.

Water Damage

A ceiling and walls with damaged sheetrock from water.

Water damage can happen a lot of different ways from a leak in a roof, water seeping into a basement or broken plumbing. Selling a house with water damage can be tricky depending on the severity damage. Mold is also a big concern when dealing with water damage. Some water damage can be minor and wont affect you selling your house as long as the cause has been corrected.

Leaky Windows

An old window that has water leaking in.

Bad windows can really make a house hard to live in.  They are either letting in the heat or cold, and if it is windy it is 3X as bad.  The rain will get in and start to ruin any tile or window seals.   Sometimes even sheet rock can be damaged.  Broken or missing windows are not a problem for us.  Just like any other repairs, we want to buy your house even if your windows are in horrible shape.

What is Considered an Average Home Repair?

Most people that have lived in a house for a few years have a house that may need updating. From paint and carpet to new cabinets to a yard that has become overgrown. These repairs can often be even more expensive than a major repair.

 My House Needs Painting & Carpet


Paint and carpet only last so long no matter how good you are at taking care of your house, and every buyer will want new carpet and paint in the house they buy. Sometimes, if the house will pass FHA inspection for example, you can list and give the buyer a credit for the old carpet and paint.  If the only repairs your house needs are carpet and paint, the house may be able to be sold as is especially if it is a sellers market.  Of course, we will buy your house if it needs carpet and paint.

This could be helpful if you have a house that will be likely to be using a FHA loan by the buyer. This is because an FHA inspector will not allow peeling paint or holes in the carpet.

My Walls Are Cracking or Have Holes in Them


Cracks like the one in the picture are typically in walls that are constructed of lath and plaster. Any type of wall repairs are OK with us including sheetrock with holes or other damage. Yes, we can buy your house even if the walls are cracking or the sheet rock needs a lot of repairs.

Homes built up to the 1940’s will typically have lath and plaster walls. The lath are small skinny boards nailed to the 2 x 4’s that the plaster is spread out over. Large cracks can easily form over the years from settling and mild earth quakes. Repairs are very difficult

My Kitchen Is Old and Needs Work

Kitchens get a lot of use and abuse so it is no wonder many kitchens need work.  Cans get dropped on the floor, kids hang on cabinet doors, flooring comes up, water from the sink gets everywhere and so on.  No matter how bad of shape a kitchen is in, you can sell your house to Gary Buys Houses.

My Bathroom is Pink!


Kitchens and bathrooms right?  Like kitchens, bathrooms get a lot of use and abuse.  The bathroom in this picture is 50+ years old, but that is OK.  We Buy Houses no matter what your bathroom looks like.  Things were built better 50 years ago, because I have seem bathrooms in 1970 and 1980 houses in worst condition than this house.

My Yard Is All Weeds!!


The yard in the picture had overgrown grass and weeds everywhere.  You can see the dead trees in the front park strip, the dead wood next to the house and piles of garbage in certain areas of the yard.   At Gary Buys Houses, we love to tackle large yard projects.  We don’t care if your yard is all weeds or you have HUGE Chinese Elm Trees! We will certainly buy your house with any type of yard problem just as it is.  Gary Buys Houses is Your Local Trusted house buyer and your Choice for fair and honest service.

No More Yard Upkeep and Watering!!

What other kinds of repairs might you need
if you are selling a house that needs work?

What if you have Meth in your House?  That is OK with us, and we will still buy your house.  The good thing about us is that we know the legal requirements for testing.   It is very important to properly coordinate who tests the house and when.   This all matters if you want to stay in the house for a while after we buy it.  Read about Meth here.

When Was Asbestos Used In Homes?  If you have the pop corn type ceiling with the little reflective things in it, most likely you have asbestos in your house.   Maybe even of you don’t have the reflective things, you could still have asbestos. Yep, we can buy your house.

So if you are thinking yes, selling a house that needs work is the direction I want to go…call us today at the number below.

Have you ever said…”My House Needs Too Much Work to Sell?”

At Gary Buys Houses your house can never need too much work for us to buy it.  Even if all the repairs on the list are needed by your house, we will buy your house.  Do you have a repair NOT on the list?  Call me so I can add it to the LIST!  We would love to take those repairs off your plate.

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Selling A House That Needs Work Videos

Most people have one or two big repairs their house needs, but some houses need a ton of work.  These videos are of houses in various states of repair and illustrate the wide range of work a house can need.  Some of these videos are of completed projects.

This video is of a house that needs a lot of work.  The METH has just been cleaned up, and we are ready to start with the repairs.  This house has roof, plumbing, electrical and interior cosmetic issues.

Selling A House That Needs Work

This video is of a house about 3/4 completed.  This house had a full Meth Remediation done and had ALL the plumbing replaced because it was Polybutylene (the grey pipe that bursts).

My House Needs Lots of Repairs I Can't Afford

The sellers were interested in selling a hoarder house, so we bought it!  The interesting thing was that most of the items in the house were GOOD ITEMS that were probably useful to someone.  So what did we do on a 20 degree winter day, Invite some people in that could really use the items.  We got a ton of thank yous this day.  Glad we did this.

Hoarder House