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“Gary was great to work with. He was able to stop a foreclosure sale date quickly and work with us to get everything taken care of. He did everything we needed.”

– Norm & Lynda C. Midvale Utah

Owning a house in foreclosure can be scary. We are always here to help which means we are always here to answer your questions. The foreclosure process can leave people with lots of concerns and questions like:

  • How long does it take from your first late payment to a forced sale of your house at the foreclosure auction?
  • What are the ways to keep my house while in foreclosure or do I have to sell my house?
  • When do I have to move if I am in foreclosure?
  • What is foreclosure?
  • Are there foreclosure scams and ripoffs out there?

How Long Does it Take?

It can take as few as 28 weeks from your first late payment to a house being sold at a foreclosure auction in Utah. It usually takes 8 to 9 months from 1st late house payment to the sale of the house on the foreclosure sale date. There are ways to slow down this process.

Do I Have to Sell My House in Foreclosure?

That depends. If you can afford the payments, plus a little extra, and what ever the problem was that caused you to become late on your house payments is solved, most of the time you can keep your house. If you are thinking “I want to sell my house in foreclosure”, it can be done at almost anytime during the process up until 1 or 2 days before the sale date.

When Do I Have to Move?

If you can qualify for a mortgage loan modification, a chapter 13 bankruptcy or can work with an investor to keep your house, you do not need to move.

If you do nothing and your house is sold at the foreclosure auction, when you move will be up to the person that bought the house at the auction. It can take 6 to 8 weeks to evict someone if they refuse to move after the foreclosure auction.

If decide you want to sell your house, moving depends on how you sell your house. If you list your house with a real estate agent, you have to be moved out the day you close at the title company. Working with an investor to sell your house can give you many options from staying in your house for a couple of months at no cost then moving, to renting your house back long term and to possibly even keeping your house.

What is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is the legal process that the mortgage company starts when you are late on your house payments.

In Utah you must be 90 days late on your payment before a Notice of Default can be recorded.  The process starts when a NOD is recorded at the County Recorder’s Office where you live, which means it is a public record, a paper notice will be taped to your house, and you will receive certified mail notifying you of the Notice of Default. At this point in Utah, you have at least 90 days to cure your default before a foreclosure sale date can be issued.

As mentioned, once a Notice of Default is recorded, you have 90 days until your mortgage company will give you notice that they are going to officially move forward with the proceedings to sell your house at auction.  The bank has to give you at least 3 weeks notice before the official sale date.

Once the sale at auctions takes place, you no longer own your home.  PLEASE NEVER let things go this far. You can avoid the entire preforeclosure and official foreclosure proceedings all together. There is ALWAYS a better outcome we can offer or suggest to you.

What about Scams and Rip Offs?

There are definitely things to watch for out there. Watch out for companies that have a lot of negative Better Business Bureau reviews or no BBB rating. Look out for people that try and scare you into acting fast. If your foreclosure started a month ago, you have time to think things through. Know your foreclosure timeline. Is the person you are talking with licensed? Does the person or company have a web site? Can you tell that the person you are talking with has experience and knowledge of the foreclosure process in Utah?

Look for companies that have solid reviews, that are Better Business Bureau Accredited and communicate well with you. You can also search for the company name in Google to see if there are any issues. You can also search the name of a person in Google to find out more. Not having an online presence can be a red flag.

Stop Foreclosure Utah

Do you need help stopping or avoiding foreclosure?  Are you having trouble deciding where to start?  Are you going to work on keeping your house OR are you going to sell your house?  Do you want to talk to somebody about your foreclosure? 

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Selling a house while in foreclosure

The first decision is usually should I list my house with a real estate agent or sell my house to an investor? And, the options for selling a house in foreclosure can be very different depending on when you start the process.  

If you just received your Notice of Default or you are a few months months behind in your mortgage payment, this is the best time to sell your house to stop your foreclosure.   Since you have 3 to 4 months from when the Notice of Default was recorded to get your house sold, you can plan to maximize what you get for your house and plan your move by taking action quickly.

Listing your house on the MLS with a Real Estate agent will usually net you a little more money for your house than selling to us directly.  You may have to make a few repairs and let several people walk through your house, but listing your house on the MLS with a Professional Real Estate Agent will get you the most money for your house.   You will also need to be moved before you get your money from the sale of your house.  It is usually a 2 month process that needs to be done ASAP because your first offer can fail, and you need time to find another buyer. You may need all of your 4 months to get your house sold on the MLS.  Call us today at 801-382-9199 to talk about help getting your house listed.

Of course we will buy your house as-is, you will get you your money now which will allow you to have money to move later, and we can even buy your house if you are a few days away from a Foreclosure Sale.  DO NOT let the bank get your equity.

You may be able to short sale your house. In some markets there are lots of short sales and very few in other market conditions. Typically you will need to short sale if you owe more on your house than it is worth. The property has to be listed on the MLS with a Realtor, and the bank has to approve the price your house sells for when you short sale a house. We can definitely help with a short sale.

Selling your house to an investor…the benefits

  • You will get a fair cash offer for your house in as-is condition no matter where you are in the Foreclosure Process.
  • We can act fast and get you the money you need now.
  • You can stay in your house after the sale including tenants or family members for weeks or months at no cost!
  • We can buy your house even if there is no equity.
  • Gary Parker & Gary Buys Houses has years of foreclosure experience buying and selling properties.

Selling with a real estate agent

  • The earlier in the process you start the better.
  • You will get a little more money selling this way.
  • Lots of showings, inspections and buyer requested repairs.

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Stop foreclosure and keep your house

The two most effective ways to avoid Foreclosure is Loan Modification or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  We offer a 3rd option to allow you to stop foreclosure and stay in your house for people a modification or bankruptcy will not work for or if you just want a quick solution.

Loan Modification

If you can’t afford to bring all of your payments current but can afford the payments and the situation that caused you to get behind in the first place is gone, a loan modification may be your best option.  As with all foreclosure solutions, the sooner you start the better.  Sometimes your payment will go up in a loan modification so please be prepared.  Also be prepared to send and receive a lot of information through email or fax to your mortgage company.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A properly structured Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is often the least costly and has the highest chance of success for people that want to keep their house in foreclosure.  Remember a lot of times your house payment will go up in a loan modification.  With a CH 13 BK, one can often reduce some of their consumer debt and medical bills.  We can refer you to a very reputable bankruptcy attorney. Please call or text us at 801-382-9199.

Lease Options and Loans

We can also offer other options to stay in your house.  We can purchase your house, get you some cash and rent your house back to you. Foreclosure does not mean you have to lose your house.  If you do not want to do a loan modification or a bankruptcy, we can buy your house and lease it back to you with a possible buy back option.

About us and what others are saying

Gary Buys Houses is a house buying company that has been in business since 2009 and working with people in foreclosure since 2005. We will always review all of your foreclosure options so you can make the best decision about how to move forward.

Can I Sell My House To Stop Foreclosure ?
What does an attorney say about working with Gary Parker?
Danny Stopped His Foreclosure in Utah
Danny stopped his foreclosure and stayed in his house for 3 months.

“I had been in foreclosure so long that I had a Foreclosure Sale Date on my house. Gary’s company stopped my foreclosure, and I was able to stay in my house! I also really appreciated the fair offer.”

Thomas T. Glendale, Utah

“I had decided I really needed to sell my house that was in foreclosure, and I didn’t have any money to move. Gary purchased my house and gave us two months to move AFTER we got our money from the sale.”

Donna H. West Valley City, Utah

Your Best Interest Matters To Us 


This couple in Kearns was very close to closing on their house that was in foreclosure with us.  The foreclosure attorney that we sometimes work with on our foreclosure files discovered that there was an issue with the couple’s mortgage, and they ended up getting about $20,000 more for their house than they thought they were going to get.  This doesn’t happen often, but it shows you one example of how working with a licensed professional, like us, can benefit you.

We are LOCAL and have a professional team we work with to give you the best possible outcome when selling your house in foreclosure. Where ever you are in the Foreclosure Process, we can help you.

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