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Hi this is Gary Parker and my wife Eileen and I own Gary Buys Houses
We provide win-win solutions to help Utah homeowners sell their house quickly for a fair price with NO HASSLES!


We have passion for serving your needs.

We really do like talking with people and hearing their stories. A lot of the time selling a house to a company can be an emotional experience. We understand and respect that. Once in a while we talk with people that just want a company to get things done with little fan fair. What ever your situation, we do love making a living helping people with their house.

I love helping people with their real estate needs with the help of my team. I have been buying houses in Utah since 2009, and we strive daily to help people get their home sold quickly for a fair price while skipping the the parts of selling a home that are not fun.

Why do we love helping people getting their house sold? It is really simple when you come right down to it. We are able to make a living doing what we enjoy like talking with and answering people’s questions, keeping some of the houses we buy to provide clean affordable housing for tenants and remodeling houses that need the work.

What is the process like to sell my house?

  • Give us a little information by calling us or filling out one of the forms.
  • You and I will discuss your situation, what you need and talk about your house.
  • We will meet at your property or give you an offer over the phone.
  • We will close and you can get your cash in as little as 2 days.
  • The goal is to be fair, to act quickly and to meet your needs.

How long does it take to sell my house?

Well that depends. I have purchased a house in one day before, but that doesn’t always happen. If the house we are buying has a mortgage, we need 1 to 6 days to get a payoff. Some mortgage companies will let the house seller get a payoff right away by logging into their account or calling customer service. I we have to order the payoff, it can take up 6 days. If there are federal tax liens against the property for unpaid income taxes, it can take 2 or 3 weeks to get the amount owed.

So you can see it can take one day to three or four weeks to get a house sold. Most transactions with a mortgage take about a week to get done.

What are the benefits we can offer you?

  • Fast, fair offers for your house in as-is condition.
  • Very flexible moving times for you and your family after you get your money.
  • You can get help moving and get relocation assistance if needed.
  • We can also handle other situations…just call us at 801-382-9199 and ask what we can do for you.
  • Never a hassle with the process. We make it easy for you.

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Companies That Buy Houses

Companies That Buy Houses

Are they all the same? How are they different? What are you looking for in a house buying company? We care about how we treat people. We are always compassionate, considerate and confidential.

Core Values

You Come First: All of your needs associated with selling your house are our priority. We will bend over backwards for you.

Ethical: Our opinion is that all transactions between us and the seller benefit both parties. Sellers need to feel like they got exactly what they wanted from us. This also means we are 100% transparent in our dealings.

Solve Problems:  We will take on any problem…Sell Now Move Later, Foreclosure, Inherited a House, Vacant House, Need to Sell As-Is, Tenants or Family Members in the House, Divorce, Stay in the House After You Sell, and more.   Our team can work with you to ensure an excellent transaction experience.

Please reach out to us when looking for a

We Buy Houses Company

Call 801-382-9199 today to have all of your questions answered.
We treat you with respect because that is how we would want to be treated,
and you are never under any obligation.

we buy houses team
The Gary Buys Houses team.

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