Janet was divorced and needed to get her house sold. Lucky for Janet that her x spouse was willing to go along with the sale of the house. The house needed some repairs, and she needed to sell the house fast.

” Gary did a great job of getting my house sold quickly, so I could move on. Thank you so much Gary.”
Janet N., Kearns Utah

Selling a House in Divorce

If you are getting divorced and need to sell a house, Gary Buys Houses is here to help you learn all of the options that are available to you and your soon to be x spouse.  Over 50% of us will find ourself in a divorce situation in our lifetimes, and many of those people will have a house to sell.  Typically if you are getting a divorce and want to sell your house, both parties must agree.  If only one of you want to sell the house, most likely you will have to wait until the divorce settlement is final.  But what if each of you agree you want to sell your house?


After deciding you will sell the house, now you have to decide how to sell the house.  Most of the time this means deciding between listing the house or selling the house to a Professional House Buying Company that will buy your house fast in 4 easy steps like Gary Buys Houses.  This will involve a lot of decisions like: How fast do I have to sell my house? How fast do I need to move? Can I stay for a few months? Can I rent my house back for a few years? How fast do I need my money from the sale of my house? And how much money will I get?  Can I sell my house with a lot of repairs? We can help you and your x spouse no matter what you need from the sale of the house.

How Fast Do I Have to Sell My House?

If you are getting divorced and want to sell your house, sometimes unique situations come up that may make it more difficult than the average house sale.   Especially if one or both people need some money now but need a place to stay for a while.  For example, some direct house buyers will allow people to sell their house now, get their money now and move later.  We do that here with our Sell Now Move Later program. You may think that House Repairs might get in the way of selling your house, but not with us.  Again, a professional house buying company can help with these and many other issues to get your home sold the easy way.

If you have a lot of time to sell your house and doing some repairs or waiting for your money is not a problem, then you may want to consider listing your house.  We can actually help you with that if you would like.  How fast you need to sell your house, when you can move and when you need your money can determine how you sell your house.

How Fast Do I Need To Move?

A lot of times this is a big part of how fast you need to sell your house.  Do you or both of you need to leave the area now and get the house sold, or does one of you want to stay as long as possible?  We can help in either of these situations coordinating getting you the money you need and the time in the house you need.

How Fast Do I Need the Money From the Sale of My House?

Again this kind of goes along with how fast do I have to move, and when do I need to be moved out of my house?  Sometimes people need the money from the sale of their house while getting divorced right away, and sometimes they can wait.

If you are Getting Divorced and Need to Sell a House

It can be complicated.  Selling a house, dealing with repairs, dealing with moving on a certain date, needing money now but want to stay in the house for a while…all of these things plus any number of other reasons can make selling a house while getting a divorce stressful.  Sometimes a divorce situation with a house involved is a simple matter, and sometimes it is a nightmare.  We love to answer questions to help you make the best decision for everyone involved.  Please call us at the number below or Fill Out The Form.

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Do You Need to Sell House Before or After Divorce?


One of the difficult parts of divorce can be selling your house. 

A house can hold sentimental value which can make thinking about selling your house while divorcing difficult.  Sometimes people want to be out of the house quick, and sometimes people want to stay in their house.  Then there is the issue of money.  There are a number of situations to consider and we are going to go over them here.

Selling a home during a divorce holds one major difference than a typical sale… you have to figure out who is going to get what before you sell.  Whether it’s the personal property or the money from the sale of the house, the hardest part is going to be figuring out who walks away with what and when.

Your attorney is the mediator who will help you through dividing up possessions and the house equity so that it is fair.  He or she can also help you work through the sale of your house while in a divorce.  Before you contact a Realtor or a Professional House Buyer,  you will need an understanding of who is going to get what and who will need to move and when.

A  Realtor or a Direct House Buyer like Gary Buys Houses can help you to determine the value of your house and how much you will net from the sale of your house including how much you will net if you sell to a professional house buyer.  Having a good understanding of the value of your home will give you an estimate of the equity you’ll walk away with.

Getting divorced and selling a house can be done using an agent or selling to a professional house buyer.  Each way will affect how long you can stay in the house.

Selling a House Before Divorce Agreement

Selling a house before the finalized divorce agreement from your attorney is very possible as long as both parties can agree on what price and how long each or one of you is going to stay in the house.  Perhaps listing your house with a real estate agent will work for you if everyone is ready to move, and you can wait for your money from the sale of your house.  Maybe talking with a Professional House Buying Company could help you with things like getting your money now for the sale of your house and moving later or helping you with repairs.   A direct house buyer can be very flexible with every aspect of your move and selling your house.

Selling a House After Divorce Agreement

Selling a house after the divorce agreement is finalized means you have to follow exactly what the divorce decree says.  Listing the house or working with a “We Buy Houses” company should be fine as long as both parties agree on everything.  And yes, utilizing our Sell Now Move Later Program will always work.  We will make sure we can solve all of your house problems.

You have a lot of options, and we would love to talk to you.

We are always here to answer your questions, so please get a hold of us today.

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Who gets the house during a divorce?

Out of all the reasons to sell or keep your home, divorce can be one of the trickiest decisions you might ever have to make. That’s largely because divorce is an emotionally trying time. It can turn ugly. It can dredge up resentment. And legal involvement can prove to be as much a strain on your wallet as it is on your emotions.

It’s not unheard of for many couples to agree to an amicable divorce, however. They’re actually fairly common. And while it’s simple enough for you and your spouse to agree to sell your house, property is one of the most valuable assets either of you may own—if not the most. And knowing how to separate your assets can prove to be far more than simply challenging.

If you’ve ever wondered who gets the house during a divorce, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

Why Are You Keeping The House?

We all want to avoid unnecessary conflict. But is there a good reason you’re holding on to a home? Is it for sentimental value? Your children’s future benefit? The actual equity in the home? This can take some time to figure out, and it’s not necessarily going to be a simple solution.

On the other hand, if you’re maintaining custody of your children during a divorce, think of the strain selling your home might place on them. They’re already going through a hard enough time emotionally. The trauma of leaving the neighborhood they were raised in, their school, their friends… all of these can take an unnecessary toll on a child. You don’t want to compound it.

In short, know the reasons why you’re choosing to keep your home during a divorce. Don’t just assume it’s something for an attorney to decide. They can only validate by attempting to demonstrate legal ownership—not personal meaning.

Are You Prepared To Keep Your Home?

Divorce just doesn’t put a strain on your emotional well being, but your financial stability as well. In Utah, alimony payments don’t necessarily have to use a standard formula to calculate a monthly amount. They can sometimes include the length of time you were married, you and your spouse’s means of support, the number of dependents, your assets… any number of factors. Child support  payments can be a daunting expense. And neither child support nor alimony payments take into account any of the legal fees which you may have incurred.

That doesn’t necessarily make it impossible to keep up with mortgage payments. But it can certainly turn making payments into a struggle.

Who Has Legal Rights To A House In Utah In A Divorce?

Utah is considered an equitable distribution or common law state, meaning property is to be divided as equitably as possible. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean an equal share for all parties. For lengthier marriages, it’s common for a judge to award at 50 percent to each party provided there’s no contest. For example, a physical home with $150,000 in equity may be awarded to either of you, predicated on a judge’s decision. But if it was awarded to you, you may be mandated to sell your half of the equity to your ex-spouse as a settlement.

Divorces resulting from short term marriages in Utah typically factor in both property ownership prior to your marriage as well as ownership during. It’s left to both of you to decide how the property will be divided, which is typically done through a divorce attorney. The courts will then review the agreement and subsequently decide on its legitimacy.

A court may also issue an automatic restraining order prohibiting you from selling your home during divorce proceedings without the express permission of your spouse or prior court approval, even if the title is in your name.

Are You Financially Able To Keep Your Home?

It’s not an easy choice, but it’s something you need to be realistic about. Courts don’t necessarily care about emotional attachment, nor do many attorneys. And it’s worth keeping in mind that you’re probably not going to maintain the same lifestyle you had prior to your divorce.

Property taxes, maintenance, mortgage payments and legal fees all take their toll. You may want to speak with a qualified financial adviser in addition to a divorce attorney prior to making your financial decision. Here’s hoping it ends as painlessly for you as possible.

Reach out to us here and Gary will talk with you about a win-win situation about your circumstances of your house and your divorce process.