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Most people that want to sell their house to a professional house buying company want to read reviews of the house buying company. The great thing about we buy house reviews on social media, is people go to these sites on their own and take the time to leave a good or bad review of the company. Most people will leave a negative review because they are mad; however, people most of the time will not take the time to leave a great review about a company. Actually, people are over 3 times more likely to take the time to leave a bad review vs a good review. Please check out Gary Buy Houses social media reviews and Testimonials below.



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“Gary was fabulous to work with he was very professional and made the process quick and painless. We was about to lose our home and Gary purchased it from us and we were still able to make a little bit of money from it. I will definitely recommend Gary to family and friends. Thank you Gary!” Dana Martinez, Glendale Utah

THANK YOU ! so much Dana. It was really a pleasure working with you, and I am glad you are happy with your solution.
Gary Parker – Owner Gary Buys Houses


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Gary Parker – Owner Gary Buys Houses

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Oftentimes the reviews a professional house buying company receives are a direct result of the owner’s values.  These values are part of the company culture and passed on to the employees. When companies truly care about and have compassion for their customers, it shows in everything the professional house buying company does. At Gary Buys Houses, we strive for fairness & honesty in our business dealings. Call today at 801-382-9199 to see for yourself.  Click below for video reviews from some of our customers.

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House Buyer Scams 

Loan Modification Scams

The very first rule to avoid a scam involving your house is to NEVER pay for any services up front before any work has been done in the house selling process or before you close on your house.  Now there are 2 exceptions to this rule in Utah.  It is legal and proper for an attorney to take money upfront if you hire an attorney to work on a loan modification for you.  It is also OK, check with your attorney first to make sure, to pay a licensed loan person in Utah to do a Loan Modification for you.

THE PROBLEM comes in when Fraudulent Loan Modification companies who are out of state, and most are from California, prey on people.  HERE IS A GREAT RESOURCE from the FBI that warns about Fraudulent Mortgage Loan Modification scams.  It is from 2013, but the exact thing is still going on.  It is a quick audio listen that is simple and easy to listen to.  The man from the FBI talks about the companies being mostly from California and talks about 2 Red Flags.  One is paying money up front and the other is them asking you to not talk to your lender.  You should never pay money up front unless it is to a Utah attorney or possibly a Utah licensed loan officer as described above.  And you should always be able to talk with your lender.  It is YOUR lender.

How do I know people are paying bad loan modification companies?  We hear about it when we talk to people.   People are sending $2000 to $3500 for the initial deposit from what people are telling me.  A lawyer in Utah will do a modification from start to finish for $2000 to $3000, and I can refer you if you would like.

We market to people in foreclosure and help many of them.  We make money for helping people sell their house or keep their house in foreclosure, but we have the best terms in town.  All of our fees and numbers we show you are simple and easy to understand.

You are always welcome to call us at 801-382-9199.

Quick House Buyer Scams

One of the most often used scams used by unscrupulous “we buy houses” companies is to make a very high offer that the seller will, many times, accept right away because they are so excited with the offer.  Maybe the seller didn’t even read a lot of the contract.  How long is the contract term for?  How long is the inspection period?  When will closing be?  What is the exact amount of money the seller will receive at closing?  Once the high offer is accepted by the seller, the buyer starts to prolong the process to weaken the house seller into accepting a lower price several weeks down the road.   Please read and understand everything in the contract.  A professional company will typically spell out in the contract exactly how long the inspection periods are, when the expected close date is and exactly how much money the seller will receive.  It is a huge red flag if the buyer wants to start lowering the offer price or extending the closing date.

Another scam is really just a lie some investors tell people that are in foreclosure or have a foreclosure sale date in Utah.   Often times a scammer will concentrate on scaring the house owner that is in the foreclosure process by way over talking the bad parts about foreclosure in an attempt to scare the home owner into signing papers selling the house right away often for an extremely low price.  The foreclosure process in Utah can take 7 + months starting from when you start missing payments, so you probably have time to review all of your options.  The 3 best ways to solve your foreclosure if you want to keep your house is a Loan modification or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy or finding the money to bring your mortgage current.  Professional House Buying companies can also offer plans that enable you to keep your house.  These options are more costly and have a lower rate of success vs loan mod or bankruptcy; just understand this when talking with people, like us, that solve foreclosure problems.

Another We Buy Houses scam is the ever popular “cash offer”.  If you talk with someone and they tell you that they will be paying with cash to buy your house and then try and talk you into something else like seller financing, then that is kind of a bait ‘n switch.  There is nothing wrong with seller financing as a way for you to sell your house, but that should have been discussed as an option in the first place.  A seller can often times command a higher sales price for a house with seller financing.

Research the people you are working with and get 2 opinions are two ways you can assure you are not the victim of a scam.  Make sure the people you are working with are not brand new in the business.  Experience matters.  Verify people have the money to pay cash like they say they will, ask the buyer if they will be selling the contract (assigning the contract) you sign…you could be leaving money on the table if the contract is just going to be sold.

Lease Back Foreclosure Options Scams

Lease back options are where the buyer of your house will purchase the house and also give you an option to purchase the house back at a future date; usually the seller is in the foreclosure process.  As mentioned, this option should only be considered if a Loan Modification or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will not work for you to keep your house in foreclosure, or you do not want to try either option.  Let me give you an example.  Let’s say you are in foreclosure and it will cost $9,000 to bring your loan current and you owe $175,000 for a total of $184,000.  Our fees on a deal of this size would be about $15,000.00.  The scam comes in when someone writes the contract in a way that the fees are $40 Thousand or $50 Thousand or ALL OF YOUR EQUITY if you can’t buy your house back.  Please be very careful when selling your house with the intention of buying it back.


Bad Reviews for House Buying Companies

We market to all kinds of situations people can be in with their house.  From people with equity in their house to people that have public notices recorded against a property they own such as a notice of default (the beginnings of the foreclosure process), a notice of foreclosure sale, a ticket from the city your house is in and other reasons.   We mail post cards and letters to people, put ads on the internet on places like facebook and sometimes call people or knock on their door.  Our first objective is to always be helpful and answer questions for people.  We spend at least 5 hours a week answering questions for people knowing we will not be doing business with them.  Many of these people are so appreciative we take the time to help them with something.

Sometimes people get mad at us.  Some people get annoyed by getting our direct mail or getting a call from us.  We always stop mailing to people when they ask, and we stop calling people if they ask.  We even make sure we add their number to our internal Do Not Call list.   The problem is we take people off our mailing or calling or door knocking  list, but they can end up back on the list over time.  Here is how.  Lets say we are mailing post cards to people with a lot of equity in their house.  We buy a list of people that have equity in their house and mail post cards to those people.  Sometimes people get mad that they are getting our post cards and call us to remove their name form our mailing list which we do.  And we try and explain they might get back on our list at some point and to just throw the post card away or call us to be removed again.  What happens is every 6 months or so we buy a new list and people we took off our mailing list get put back on.  Sometimes people get so mad they will leave us a bad review.

It really hurts when someone is mad at us and there is nothing we can do to change their mind.  We know we can’t keep 100% of the people we interact with happy 100% of the time, but we will try hard.

Talking to a Professional House Buying Company with GOOD REVIEWS 

At Gary Buys Houses we take helping people in a fair and caring manor seriously.  Please call us at 801-382-9199 or fill out the form below to ask any questions.  We value our customers and the reviews they take their time to write for us.

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