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Most people that want to sell their house fast for cash to a professional house buying company want to read reviews of the house buying company. The great thing about we buy house reviews on social media, is people go to these sites on their own and take the time to leave a good or bad review of the company. Most people will leave a negative review because they are mad; however, people most of the time will not take the time to leave a great review about a company. Actually, people are over 3 times more likely to take the time to leave a bad review vs a good review. Please check out Gary Buy Houses social media reviews and Testimonials below.

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You can read about some of our services, read our reviews and hopefully LIKE our page.  We post current blog posts, the occasional press release, new videos and stories about people we have helped.  Sometimes people are shy, so we have stories about the house.

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You can see where our main office is on a Google Map, see new blog posts and new web pages, read our reviews from some of our clients and and get to know us a little better.

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This is where real people and real past clients leave reviews about us an dhow it was working with Gary & his team.  The BBB verifies each review to insure honesty and integrity.

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Gary Parker – Owner Gary Buys Houses

 Gary Parker Reviews

Oftentimes the reviews a professional house buying company receives are a direct result of the owner’s values.  These values are part of the company culture and passed on to the employees. When companies truly care about and have compassion for their customers, it shows in everything the professional house buying company does. At Gary Buys Houses, we strive for fairness and honesty in our business dealings.  Call us today at 801-382-9199 to see for yourself.


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