Gary Parker


Gary-Parker-UtahHi this is Gary Parker with Gary Buys Houses. My wife, Eileen, and I started Gary Buys Houses in 2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I am also licensed real estate agent in Utah with Aubrey and Associates Realty.

My team and I will meet all of your home selling needs from listing a house to a cash purchase.


Gary Buys Houses

Gary Parker Team

This is the company we buy house in. We offer solutions for people that need a quick house sale for any reason or need to sell a house that would otherwise be hard to sale such as a house that needs a lot of repairs.

You can check out our reviews and testimonials here. I am really grateful for the people that took the time to give these reviews and testimonials.

We are commitment to your customer service experience.


Aubrey and Associates Realty

Gary Parker Top Producer for 2019.

I am a licensed real estate agent in Utah, so I am required to place my license with a broker. The broker is responsible for ensuring I keep up to date on Utah real estate rules and law and that I follow those rules and laws.

Every house purchase we make or house we list is completed the proper and legal way in Utah.

Our goal is to meet your house selling needs and offering you all the available solutions, so you can make the best decision to sell your house.


The Personal Side of Gary Parker

I am a husband to Eileen, the father to three awesome sons, and we have three incredible grandsons. One of my favorite things to do is to take summer road trips with the kids or grand kids. I have been involved in the scouting program while my youngest son was growing up and continue to give time to things that are important to me. More political these days 🙂 . Utah is an awesome state; we love it here.

My wife and I try and make it to our grand children’s sports games when we can which is always fun. We have been to a few Utah Grizzlies games, one time for guys night out which was a blast, and we love watching the Utah Jazz on TV. We all think a Salt Lake Bees game is in order as well. Eileen and I have been to Bees games, but not with the grand kids. Last but not least…GO UTES! We do root for BYU when they don’t play the Utah Utes. If Utah state is playing BYU, it can get complicated who roots for whom.

We love dogs. As an adult, we got our first pup about 14 years ago as of this writing. He recently passed which has been difficult. Max was an awesome dog that went on as many road trips as possible with us. We will definitely be adopting a rescue dog…probably one a little older.

We Understand How Personal This Can Be


This was not the perfect picture of John & Candy G. of West Jordan, but we all liked it. We got this while taking photos for a review they did for us.


Richard, Julie, Ruth, Scott and Mark sold us this house which was part on an estate. They had a lot of memories at this house and wanted to see the house when the remodel was completed. They loved that a new family was going to be able to enjoy the house.

Thank You for Getting to Know Me and My Team