List My House or Sell to an Investor

Listing a house is not for everyone just as selling a house to a professional house buying company is not for everybody. This page will help you with that decision.


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List My House or Sell to an Investor?

Whether we are in a sellers market or a buyers market, it’s smart to look at your house selling options and see what will actually help you best reach your goals with the sale of your house. What is important is knowing how much money you will actually get with either option and if all of your other needs will be met while selling your Utah home. Dive into the details below to compare your options and decide: should I list my house or sell my house to a professional house buying company?


 Selling With An AgentSell To Gary Buys Houses
Commissions / Fees:6% on average in UtahNONE
When Do I Have To Move?Before you close and get your $.WHEN YOU WANT! Get your $ BEFORE you move! We have flexible terms.
Showing My House to People?You may have to show your house 10 to 40 times before you are under contract.NONE – We are the only ones that need to see the house and work on your schedule.
Who Pays For Repairs?:You do. The buyer and lender will probably require repairs.NONE – We pay for all repairs
What About Packing?Before you close, the house must be cleared of everything and clean.NONE – You can leave anything behind and NO CLEANING!
Closing Costs?3% on average is paid by you, the seller.NONE – We pay all costs
Inspection & Financing Contingency? *Yes, up to 15% of sales fall throughNONE – We pay cash and inspect when we look at the house.
Appraisal Needed?Yes, sale is often subject to appraisalNONE – We make cash offers
Average Days Until Sold:+/- 96 DaysCLOSING can happen in as little as 2 days or within a week if you have a mortgage to get a payoff on.
Closing Date: 30-60 days after accepting buyers offer unless the contract fails. Then start over. The Date Of YOUR CHOICE


All of These Customers were deciding listing their house or selling their house to an investor.

Testimonial by Julie T | Gary Buys Houses

Danny Stopped His Foreclosure in Utah

Karina L. Holladay Utah

Work The Numbers And See Which Way is Best For You…

When you really work the numbers you start to see the real benefits that each way of selling your Utah house offers.

Yes, here at Gary Buys Houses we won’t be able to offer you full retail value for your house… but we also offer other benefits that going the traditional house sale route can’t offer.


Sell Now Move Later Program

You can sell your house now and move later using our program. This is perfect if you need a few months to move and need your sales proceeds right away. Or, what if you have a family member or tenant living in the house that can’t leave for a few months? We can handle that and once your house is sold, you never have to be concerned with the people currently living in the house unless you want to be involved. 

With listing your house, you have to be moved out on the day of closing which is typically 1 or 2 days before you get your proceeds from the sale. Call (801) 382-9199 today to find out more, and if this program is it for you?

People in Your House

We meet your at your house, we take a look around, we make inspections which most of the time do not require another inspection and only takes and extra 5 minutes, then we make you an offer…hassle free and you are never obligated.  When you list your house, you will have the agent, or people he works with, come out a few times, then 20 to 50 people could be walking through your house while the property is active for sale, then, once an offer is accepted, the appraiser will come through the house then the home inspector from the buyer will come through the house, then the repair people to fix everything the home inspector found during his inspection and finally the buyers will walk through one or two more times before closing.

What About Repairs and other Damage?

As mentioned above, we inspect the house when we meet and take responsibility for any damage or repairs. You never have to be concerned with house repairs with Gary Buys Houses. We don’t want you to have to deal with any hassles.  When you list a house for sale, the buyer will have a time period they can do house inspections…usually about a two week period.  The buyer can come back and ask for repairs or money off the price of the house through this period.  If you say no, they can cancel the contract with no recourse from the seller.

What About Packing?

With Gary Buys Houses, you pack and take what you want and leave everything else in the house.  We will donate useful items to Big Brother Big Sister, Deseret Industries, The Road Home and other charities.  You can leave anything behind in the house when you move.  When you list a house with a real estate agent, not only does the house need to be very clean and presentable during the showing process, the house must be broom swept clean with zero contents in the house the day of closing. As mentioned, we will close, get you your money and you can stay a few weeks or a few months.

What about Inspections – Appraisals -Financing – Contingencies – Closing Costs?

When you list a house for sale in Utah, the buyer you accept an offer from will hire a home inspector to inspect your house. he will take about 4 hours inspecting the house and give the buyer a list of repairs that they think should be done. The buyer will then give you a list of repairs they want done.  It may be the entire list from the home inspector or a partial list. Typically, in Utah, the seller, you, can refuse to do any of the repairs, and the buyer can back out of the contract if they want because of the repairs.

The buyer and the buyer’s mortgage company will want to know that the property is worth what the buyer is paying for the property. The appraised value is the value the mortgage company will use to determine how much they will loan you on the house. A professional house appraiser that the buyer pays for and the mortgage company chooses will do the appraisal.

The buyer you are under contract with will most likely be getting a mortgage to purchase your house. If the house does not appraise for your selling price, the buyers can cancel the contract with you.  They may not have a choice, if they do not have cash for the difference in price.

Contingencies are things, like closing costs, that the seller may pay for on behalf of the buyer. Many first time home buyers and FHA buyers need the seller to help with closing costs in order to buy the house. Concessions and Contingencies are very common in the Salt Lake City area and most of Utah.

Closing costs are fees the buyer of your house and you have to pay.  For the seller, this is about $2000 on the average home in Utah and includes a title policy for the buyer.   

Selling your house to us will bypass all of these things. At Gary Buys Houses, we inspect the house once and can even do it when we meet at the house. 87% of the houses we buy do not require additional home inspections after the first inspection, we do no hire an appraiser because we determine what we will pay for a house, we do not use traditional financing…we pay cash or use hard money lenders we have long relationships with, there are no contingencies when selling to us, and we pay all of your closing costs. If we offer you $200,000 for your house, you get $200,000 less your mortgage and city utilities tied to the house. Simple and hassle free. 

What About the Amount of Time to Sell & Closing Date?

From offer to close and cash in your hand in as little as 2 days.

It can take 96 + days on market to get your house under contract and then another 30 to 45 days to close. It can take a total of 60 to 120 days from list to close depending on how you price your property and the market conditions.

We can close in as fast as 2 days if you do not have a mortgage or any attached liens on the property. We can usually close in 5 days if you have a mortgage. We just have to wait for a mortgage payoff. Or, we can close in a few months. It is always up to you!

You can get rid of the headache of that property fast and avoid paying any more utility payments, tax payments, insurance payments, mortgage payments, you get the drill. If you list your house and wait 90+ days to close… you have to figure in all of the costs of holding that property during the time you have that property listed and are waiting for the property to close. 

We don’t care how dirty your house is (we’ve seen worse!) or how many repairs are needed (a complete fixer? great! we love projects)... we’d like to make a cash offer on your house. This saves you time and money that you can keep in your pocket.

Don’t worry about paying those pesky closing fees (we’ve got you covered)

Because we are a full-service professional home buyer here in Utah, we make it easy for you. Pretty refreshing right?

So when you add up the time you could save by working with Gary Buys Houses, the no-hassle experience, and the money you’ll save on commissions, fees, and holding costs while you wait to sell the traditional route… for many area home owners selling to a professional house buyer is the best viable option.

A We Buy Houses Company may be just what you need!

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*An inspection contingency lets the buyer have time to do an inspection and back out of the sale or negotiate a new price if there are repairs that need to be done. If you can’t come to an agreement with the buyer, the buyer has the right to back out of the sale. Similar, a financing contingency gives the buyer the wiggle room to back out of the purchase if they can’t obtain a loan or if the home doesn’t appraise for the value that the bank needs to close the loan.

Here at Gary Buys Houses we don’t use bank financing so you don’t have to worry about our ability to close on a deal.