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Thank You Gary for your kind service. Your Sell Now Move Later Program was perfect for my family and me. You really are one of the good guys”

– Robert G. West Valley City, Utah

What is Sell Now Move Later?

The sell now move later program lets you move after you sell your house.

Would you like sell your house now & wait to move for a month or a few years?
Do you need your money before you move?
Are you interested in renting or leasing your house back?
What about buying your house back in a few years?
  Try our Sell Now Move Later Program Today.

  • This is for you if you need the money from the sale of your house right away.
  • You may be able to stay in your house a few weeks, a few months or a few years after you close and get your money.
  • You can get free rent after we close and you get your money for a few months.
  • Sometimes we can rent the house back to you for years.
  • We may be able to offer buy back option if you would like to buy the house back in a few years.

We can work with you in any situation to get your house sold, get you your money today
and figure out a plan that works for you to move later or rent back the house.

How do I Move After I Sell My House?

It is really quite simple and easy.

  1. Contact us. Either call or text us at 801-382-9199 or fill out one of the forms on any of our pages to get the process started.
  2. We will discuss an offer. We will meet at your house and give you an offer while we are there. There is never an obligation, and we love helping people. We can also give you an offer over the phone if you would like.
  3. We talk about your moving situation. We find out what your needs are for moving or renting the house back and make it happen.
  4. Closing on the house. It takes 2 to 5 days to close on most houses, and you will get your money the same day in most cases.
  5. Moving or Renting. You and I will start the plan we came up with to help you move or start renting. Most of the time we will let people stay in the house after closing for one or two months rent free to give you time to move. And, we will assist with moving and finding a place for you to live if you would like. If you are going to rent the house back from us, we will get that process started.
  6. More on Rent-back agreements and sell now move later options.

Please Call or Text us at 801-382-9199 or fill out the form below
for more information on sell now move later.

What did Danny think of our Sell Now Move Later Program?

Danny Stopped His Foreclosure in Utah

Danny and his wife are going through some tough times because of medical issues causing financial problems.  They needed to sell the house quickly, BUT they really needed to stay in the house we purchased from them for a few months. We worked out a deal where they got the money from the sale of the house and all the time they needed to find a much smaller and more manageable apartment to live in.  We definitely wanted to make sure we gave them the most we could for their house, so we agreed on an amount we would split if the house resold over a certain amount after the rehab.  It really was a win win for all of us. We really appreciate Danny and his wife trusting us with the sale of their home.

Your Benefits of Working with Us

Experience In business since 2009 providing honest & flexible service while always going the extra mile for you.

Flexibility I’ll give you a fair, as-is offer for your house. We serve you locally so you choose the closing date, and we pay all costs!

Easy We talk. Then we give you a no obligation offer. Then you decide. Easy Process.

Guarantee I will give you a $50 restaurant gift card if we don’t exceed your expectations at any time in the process.

  • Personal service We love to answer your questions about selling your house, and we know you have to look at and understand all of your options. We are here to help with your house selling decisions.
  • No showings. We will come through once or twice. It will not be like a listing with an agent where a lot of people walk through your house, then inspections, then appraisals and then a final walk through before closing.
  • We LOVE to work with owners that live out of state. We have a lot of experience with this, and give you a hassle free & easy experience.
  • We pay all costs.  If we offer $250,000 for your home, you get $250,000 for your house.
  • You’re in control: You decide IF you want to accept our offer and you decide WHEN you want to sell. Simple.

Would you like more information about
Moving After I Sell My House?

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for more information about our unique Program.

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