Selling Rental Property
in Salt Lake City


Are You Thinking of Selling Rental Property in Utah?

What Is Your Least Favorite Part
of Your Rental Property?


How About all of the Evictions?
Sometimes when people have to go through eviction after eviction while owning a rental property, it can get tiresome.   Then the tenants trash the place.  And on top of that, if you own 1 or 2 rentals, it can really wear on you when the tenant calls about a leaky faucet or flooded basement, or worse yet the furnace just went out in the middle of December.
So yes sometimes people become very tired landlords especially when the rent doesn’t show up, and the mortgage payment has to be made.


Selling A Rental Property Is Easy
No Matter What!

  1. What about if the tenant or other people are still in the house?  YES we can buy your rental.
  2. My rental needs a LOT of repairs.  No problem you can sell as is.
  3. I don’t have any Equity.  Again, we can buy even with no equity.
  4. Is it OK if I am behind in my Mortgage Payments?   YES!
  5. How fast can you buy my rental?  3 to 5 days most cases.
  6. What if my tenant is a family member?  We will help move.
It only takes a few minutes on the phone to see how we can get this monkey off your back.   Please Call 801-382-9199 TODAY and be done.

So talk to us about your options to sell your rental property today.

Sell a Rental Property with Tenants
Stephen G. Sold His Rental

Actually SOLD two of them them…

And both of them were contaminated with METH!

Yes we LOVE to buy rentals 🙂

We will honor your tenants lease(s)

We will make it easy for you.

Just call 801-382-9199 and See!

Please Call 801-382-9199 with ANY Questions

Is It Really This Easy To Sell My Rental Property?

It really is.  It does not matter if your rental house needs repairs, has tenants or family members living in the building, even if your payments are behind or you are owed a ton or rent, we will Buy Your Rental in 2 to 3 days.   Maybe a little longer if there are some title or judgement issues.


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