Selling Rental Property

How to Sell Rental Property in Utah?

It really depends if you decide to list the property or sell to an investor. Most of the time listing an investment property takes a little timing. To maximize the proceeds from the sale of the property, you will need to wait until the lease is up and then make the necessary repairs.

The option to sell an investment property to a cash home buyer is perfect if you want a quick sale no matter the condition of the house or if there are tenants. I will buy as-is and honor the lease you may have with your tenant.

Common Questions About Selling Your Investment Property

How long does it take to close?

That depends on a few factors. I can close on a property in as fast as 2 days if there is no mortgage or the mortgage payoff is available and there are no liens to be considered. If there are liens or judgements against the property you want to sell, it will take 7 to 14 business days to close in most cases.

What if I need money before we can close on the property?

I can advance to the seller up to $10,000.00 as soon as the property is under contract. This can come in very handy if it will take a few weeks to close, and you need the money for immediate needs.

Can I sell my rental property with tenants?

We will purchase the property with tenants or family members living in the house. We will honor the current lease you may have and treat the occupants fairly. I will make sure that selling rental property with tenants is easy for you.

What if my rental needs a lot of repairs?

I understand that tenants can be hard on a property especially if there have been pets living in the property. It can be expensive just to make minor repairs, paint the house and install new carpet. Add to that more complex home repairs that may be needed, and the costs can be 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Many people would be surprised to find out that their rental properties are contaminated with methamphetamine (meth). Meth testing is routine when listing your rental property with a real estate agent or selling the property to an investor because meth contamination is such a problem. The initial testing for meth is easy and can be done by anyone; however, the test procedures must be carefully followed. I would be happy to let you know what test to use and how to use it.

Is it OK if I am behind in my mortgage payments?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if you are 1 month behind or 6 months behind in your payments. I can help even if you are in foreclosure or have a foreclosure sale date scheduled.

Can you help me if I inherited a rental property?

Yes. I can help with getting your inherited house sold or getting probate completed so you can sell the inherited property. I will also be happy to review all of your options with the heirs of the property and never an obligation.

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There is never an obligation to talk with me about your property.

Sell My Rental Property in Utah

Why Sell Rental Property?

Being a landlord is a lot of work.

A paper taped to a door that says eviction notice.

People that manage their own rental properties know the work involved in doing so. Phone calls about backed-up toilets at 2:00 in the morning and all the other kinds of tenant calls a landlord gets can certainly take a toll on someone.

Then there is finding tenants, collecting the rent, fighting for late rent and evictions to do. And don’t forget the damage that can be done by tenants. I have even heard horror stories from rental property owners about tenants that leave in the middle of the night and leave their cats behind. I can’t even imagine what a rental unit would look like with cats stuck inside for several days.

These and other things can turn an expected part-time endeavor into a full-time hassle for not much return.

Cash flow is not what you thought it would be.

Utilities, taxes, insurance and repairs will all take away from your bottom line. The whole idea of owning a rental property is to receive some cash flow each month. This can become harder and harder as prices rise and rents level out.

Have you experienced a major life event?

Maybe you are getting married or divorced, have a job relocation or have had an illness that is making you rethink owning a rental property.

Is it time to take your profits from appreciation?

Sell when prices are appreciating to maximize your returns may be the right thing to do for you. If the market is stable or appreciation is in question going forward, that could also be a good time to sell.

Maybe your net worth is all tied up in rental properties, and you want to diversify into some cash to use for other investments.

It Really is This Easy To Sell My Rental Property

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