sell-my-house-with-meth-in-it“My roommates were smoking meth in my house that I wanted to sell.  Gary took care of everything and purchased my house even with the meth in it.”

Chris N. Rose Park, Utah

Meth In Your House

Do you suspect or know your house has meth in it? Methamphetamine (meth) has become a huge problem in Salt Lake City and Utah in general over the last 10 years. The good news is that the number of meth labs have gone down a lot over the last 5 years; however, meth use remains a big problem. The good news is that we buy houses contaminated with meth no matter what the condition of the house is. If you are thinking, “I want to sell my house with meth”, you have come to the right place.

In Utah, Methamphetamine (also called meth, crystal, chalk, and ice, among other terms) contamination of the environment occurs when methamphetamine is used, distributed or manufactured in a house and the residue is 1.0 microgram or higher per 100 square centimeters on any surface. If there is Meth in Your House and a test shows the level of residue is above 1.0 microgram, you must use a licensed Meth Remediation Company to clean up the meth. This will cost from $2000 for partial clean ups to $10,000.00 for a full clean up. And, all the carpet will need to be replaced, the whole house will need to be repainted, damage will occur to wood floors and many times the cabinets will be ruined. As you can see, it can get very expensive to clean up a house with meth in it.

The good news is that it is not as bad as it sounds for selling your house with meth contamination. When people sell us houses that need work, we always replace the carpet, paint and other things that would normally get damaged in the meth decontamination process anyway. This means our offer price will not be affected by these items. We also have arrangements with meth decontamination companies to get their best pricing, so selling your house quickly even with meth is something we can help you with. Typically, we have to reduce our offer price by $1500 to $4500 if a house is contaminated with meth which is very good for this business. We strive to make the highest offers in the industry.

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Sell My House with Meth

Thank you Chris for trusting us to buy your house.  It means a lot.


Even Nice Houses Houses like this can be contaminated with Meth.


There is Meth in my House

If there is meth in your house, you may want to learn more at the State of Utah’s web site that talks about everything that has to do with meth in your house. One of the benefits of selling your house with meth contamination to a professional house buyer, is that all of the liability of that meth contaminated house goes to the new buyer.

How Does The Testing Process Work and why is it IMPORTANT?

There is an aspect of testing that is VERY IMPORTANT to know. Laws can change, so please verify current law before proceeding with a meth contaminated house.

  • What Kind of Testing is Permitted? – Current law allows a home owner, or their representative, or a State Certified Inspector to test your house for meth. VERY IMPORTANT…a State Certified Inspector has to report the results to the Health Department if over the legal limit, and the Health Dept. will condemn the house if the meth is over the legal limit. If a homeowner or their representative gets a result back over the legal limit, they DO NOT need to report the results to the Health Dept. This is a big difference. KEEP IN MIND, a seller in Utah must disclose to all buyers if the house is positive for meth once a test shows that.
  • What Happens if the House is Positive For Meth? – If the results are 1.0 parts per million of meth per 10 centimeters or above, a seller HAS to disclose to every buyer that the house is positive for meth. As mentioned, if a State Certified person gets results above the legal limit, they HAVE to report the results to the Utah State Health Dept. which will then condemn your house.  That means no entry and all the contents will be thrown away.
  • Who Can Test? – As mentioned above, a home owner, a representative of the homeowner (like Gary Buys Houses) or a Certified Decontamination Specialists can test a house for meth. Please remember if a Certified Decontamination Specialists tests your house and the results are 1.0 parts per million per 10 square centimeters on any surface, they will have to report the results to the Salt Lake County Health Department. The health dept will then condemn to house meaning there will be no entry until the meth is cleaned up and all of the contents of the house will be thrown away. Call Gary at 801-382-9199 to get a free test kit that will tell you the level of meth in your house.
  • Store Bought Tests – The tests I described above that will test for a specific amount of meth on any surface, will take up to a week to get the results and cost about $50.00.  Very inexpensive kits can be purchased that test only for the presence of meth but not the amount of meth.  Here are some TIPS for using the inexpensive test to just see if meth is present. Test the inside of the duct work in the area of the return side (on the side of the furnace air cleaner BEFORE the air goes through the filter into the furnace area) of the duct work. If meth has been smoked in the house, testing the area I described should pick that up. Also test around bathroom exhaust fans. If the meth test is positive, you will need to then test for the amount of meth.
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