what is a title loan, what to be aware of

The Good, Bad and Ugly About Accessing Cash Through Title Loans

Let’s face it. Emergencies can happen in your life. And they seem to come at the worst imaginable times. Your available resources seem to be practically non-existent. And the traditional options for a loan are simply closed off. Much like 43 percent of other Americans, your credit score may simply hold you back from qualifying … Continued

why should you be cautious of payday loans

4 Things You Might Not Know About Payday Lenders

There’s a lot of reasons to be proud to live in Utah. According to recent statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, we’re the fastest growing state in the country with an increase of 100 Thousand residents annually. We have the twelfth lowest poverty rate in the country, with an unemployment rate of approximately 3 percent⁠—in … Continued

What Does A Notice Of Default Mean In Utah?

What Does A Notice Of Default Mean In Utah?

It’s been estimated that close to 625,000 homes in America were foreclosed upon in 2018. And while that number is nowhere near the amount reported at the height of the housing crisis in 2008, that’s still a sobering statistic for many homeowners⁠—particularly in Utah, where housing prices have been reported to have jumped at a … Continued

You Have a Notice of Interest On Your Utah Property, Now What?

You Have a Notice of Interest On Your Property, Now What?

Real estate can be a complicated affair. Between property liens, title insurance and the process of finding the right buyer at the right time, there’s a whole host of documents and notices that many homeowners are entirely unfamiliar with—and can seem both confusing and intimidating. A notice of interest, for example. Perhaps you’ve received one. … Continued

Accessing Home Equity With Hard Money Loans (Despite Bad Credit)

Accessing Home Equity With Hard Money Loans (Despite Bad Credit)

  Your home. It’s what you’ve worked for over the past few decades. What you’ve saved for. It’s where you live. Where you sleep. Where you eat. And it’s yours. Well, technically… it still belongs to the bank. You’ve been paying off your mortgage almost dutifully over the past few years. Almost dutifully. There were … Continued

How To File For Bankruptcy With An Attorney In Utah

How To File For Bankruptcy In Utah Using An Attorney

How to file for bankruptcy in Utah can be a tough choice. You’ve weighed the pros and cons. And sadly, it seems like there’s no permanent solution to your debt. You have no choice but to file bankruptcy. You’re not alone. In 2018, almost 800,000 Americans filed for personal bankruptcy. And while statistics continue to … Continued