Late on Property Taxes in Utah

Being late on property taxes happens to quite a few people in Utah. Each county will typically give people up to 5 years to get their property taxes caught up. All of the details are below.

I Am Behind in my Property Taxes

So you are late on property taxes.  The important question is how late are your property taxes?  Most counties in Utah have a 4 or 5 year redemption period.  More about this below, but this usually gives a person a long time get their property taxes caught up.  There does come a time when all of your back property taxes will be due, or you will lose your house to a property tax sale at auction.  There is no redemption period AFTER this sale which means the sale is final.

How Long Can I Go Without Paying Property Taxes

You can go a little over 5 years without paying property taxes in Utah. The Property Tax Redemption Period ends March 15 of the current year for taxes that are 5 years late. Any payment received before March 15 of the current year will be applied to the most current tax year first.  Once any property tax becomes 5 years late as of March 15th, every year of property tax will be due to stop a property tax sale on the 4th Thursday of May. This can be a little confusing, so please call Gary at 801-382-9199 with any questions.

Can You Pay Your Property Taxes
Before May 26, 2022?

The list of properties to be auctioned will not be released until May 01 2022. If you are late on property taxes click here to get your payment options from the Salt Lake County Treasurer.  There is also information on their Tax Relief Program.


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