we-buy-hoarder-housesGary and his co workers did a fantastic job of buying my house that was filled with junk from corner to corner.  I was able to move a couple of months after the sale which really helped me. 

– Donna H. west Valley, Utah

I Want to Sell My Hoarder House

Before we start how about a video of a hoarder house we purchased.

Sell My Hoarder House
This was a very interesting situation because the house in this video was a hoarder house that was not really dirty and filthy.  Most of the items were usable and valuable.  We allowed some people in to take whatever they wanted rather than throw the stuff away.  I would say we gave away more than half the contents of the house by donating the contents.
We will also tackle hoarder houses that are very dirty and grimy.  Every hoarder house situation is different, and we can work with any situation.

I Want To Sell My Hoarder House

Trying to sell a house on the local MLS in the Salt Lake City market is not an easy task if the house needs a lot of work or is full of stuff. And if you’re selling a hoarder house with a real estate agent…well it can be nearly impossible. People will naturally compare your hoarder house to other houses on the market; and unfortunately, many homes sold on the market are very clean, newly renovated, updated and have multiple professional photos. However, this comparison may not be your only issue when it comes to listing your hoarder house on the market.

You can also sell your house to a REPUTABLE house buying company where there are absolutely no risks involved. Unless you trust the wrong house buyer. Some inexperienced or unethical investors may promise to purchase your house, but back out at the last minute if they can’t get a big price reduction. This unethical situation is especially problematic for those that just want to be done with everything.

To get rid of risk, gain your independence back, and sell your house quickly, call Gary Buys Houses. We can help with relocation or get you money now while you keep the house for a while, we have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and can help with probate or any other issue. Our home buying specialists would love to hear about your personal situation and will express zero judgment. If you are a hoarder, please don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed about your house. There are millions of hoarders in the U.S. and Gary Buys Houses has helped many of them in Utah. And it gets even better. We can help you sell you hoarder house if you are in foreclosure even if you have a sale date or if the city has given you tickets for weeds or old cars.  You can leave all of that behind you today.  Please call us at 801-382-9199 today to get started.

4 Issues Selling A Hoarder House on the MLS with an Agent

In this article, I will list four major problems a person might encounter if they try to sell a hoarder house on the market. But don’t worry there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. If you are seeking to sell a hoarder house, this article has a solution for you. So stay tuned till the end of the article, I’ll explain how you can sell your hoarder house quickly, and easily!

Now to the four major problems with selling a hoarder house…
1) Interior Pictures of the House

According to the National Association of Realtors, 92% of home buyers look for their new home online; meaning that the only way to entice 92% of prospective home buyers is with photos of the house you want to sell. If you need to sell a hoarder house, this can be a serious problem for you.

In a perfect world, you would clear out the entire house, take photos of the interior and exterior and probably give the house a fresh coat of paint and some new carpet. However, the more likely scenario will be that you’ll end up taking photos of the house with its clutter or you will only post photos of the house’s exterior. And most likely, neither of these last two options will help you sell your house quickly in Utah.  So selling a hoarder house might be much more work than you want to take on.

2) How Will the Open House Go?

When you list the house on the MLS with a Salt Lake City area real estate agent, all of the pictures for marketing the open house will be online. Constance Rosenblum, the author of Selling a Hoarder’s Home: The Trouble with Stuff, said it best. “Forget the open house. Sometimes prospective buyers can’t get past the front door.” Curb appeal is means A LOT for most potential buyers.

Hoarding disorder can range from mild to chronic severe, and a person with mild hoarding disorder may be able to have open house. The person that owns the hoarder house will face two main issues. Both of of these issues are related to safety. The first problem will occur if a buyer must step on, over or around all of the stuff in the house. This inconvenience will probably cause a buyer to leave the house sooner or focus on other things than the house’s potential.

The second issue is when most open houses are scheduled on Saturdays to get the most potential house buyers through the house. You might be thinking to yourself, “Why is this an problem?” Here is the reason. On Saturdays, families are all together including young children while out house hunting. This situation can be hazardous for a child or a very inconvenient one for a parent. Children and hoarder houses are not a good mix because of all the items and other potential hazards in the house. Be prepared for low numbers of people that will want to go through the house.

3) What Will People Think?

It may be a sad fact that a person with a hoarder house might hear negative things about them and their house when prospective buyers are walking through.  Yes, right in front of you…it is very disrespectful.

This can be a scary situation for a hoarder. But it is important for them to know that people making hurtful comments are not trying to be rude to the home owner, rather they are not used to these types of living conditions.  At Gary Buys House, we will always treat everyone with respect and dignity.

4) Does it Take Longer To Sell a Hoarder House?

Time is probably the biggest obstacle a home owner or house seller will have to deal with when trying to sell a hoarder house. It takes a lot of time to get all of the stuff out of the house, clean it, make the house repairs and finally… to sell the house. However, a hoarder may only have a short amount of time before they need to leave their house. Some of the reasons for this might be, a lack of funds for mortgage payments, citations from the city, or something else. Whatever the reason, if you or someone you know has to sell their hoarder house, I recommend contacting a professional house buying company like us.  We will take care of everything, so you can sell your hoarder house easily and with no hassles.

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Do You Have a Hoarder Home for Sale?

Do you or someone you know want to sell their hoarder house and get a fresh start?

It might be nice for someone you know or yourself to just walk away into a new place to stay.  Sometimes houses with a lot of stuff inside them get neglected and repairs build up.  Just to start over could be a great solution.

Do you or the owner of the property have a limited amount of money to clean and sell a hoarder house?

It can cost $2000 to $5000 to clean out a house that has had stuff accumulate for years and years.  Then there are the repairs that usually always need to be done.

Do you or the property owner have a limited amount of time to clean and sell a hoarder house?

It could take quite a while to sell your house on the MLS in Utah even after a month or two of clearing out and cleaning.

Let Us Solve All Your Hoarder House Problems

We Can get your house sold in a few days, get you the money you need NOW and give you weeks to stay in the house and coordinate a move if you want.  We can take it slow or fast.

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