Cash Home Buyers

What are some of the reasons someone might want to use a cash house buyer?

  1. The top reason people use a house buyer that can pay cash is speed. Our most recent purchase at the time of this writing was the property in the video. The seller needed to be closed in a week and needed to move in 2 weeks, so we paid cash for the house and meet his deadlines.
  2. Sometimes people want a cash offer because they want to stay in the house for a few weeks or months rent free after the sale of the house. A cash offer is usually a little lower than market value, but that is the trade off to stay in the house rent free. Sometimes we can even rent the house back to you long term.
  3. Sometimes the house needs a lot of repairs or the house is a hoarder house full of things. Our offers can allow people to sell houses that need a lot of attention.

Cash Home Buyers can make a lot

of situations easier and less stressful for many people for the reasons listed above. Cash home buyers are one way to simplify your house selling experience. Our goal is to make things easy for the seller while providing fair offers for as-is houses.
Watch the video to see the shower the seller left us.

Cash Home Buyers
Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Gary with Gary Buys Houses and we’re in Syracuse, Utah, which is about 30 miles north of Salt Lake City. We are one of the cash home buyers that work in this area. We’re here today to do a walk through of the house before we start the rehab on this property, but let’s talk a little bit about how we got here. Chad, the previous owner, gave us a call and made an appointment. We came out and took a look at the house, and he told us that he had two or three other offers on the house. He actually told us what those offers were because he was just ready to get this done. So after he told us what the offers were, he told us how much he needed out of the property, which was a little bit more than those other house offers.

And so what I did is I said, “You know what, Chad? We’ll go ahead and we’ll give you what you need out of the property.” We did a few creative things to help us with our costs on the property that Chad agreed to. He let us keep the mortgage in place for two or three months which helps with our financing costs. We did ask him to let us bring our contractors up and take a look at the property and make sure all our numbers were where they needed to be. This allowed us to make sure that we were within the margins that we need to make on a property when we purchase it to rehab and resell it. We take all the risk by shelling out the money and selling the property and things like that. So it was really a win/win situation between us and Chad.

And part of the reason that he needed to call on a company that buys houses for cash is because he was moving to Illinois. And so he needed to get this property under contract and closed within seven days and then he needed seven days to move, which we were easily able to do that for him. So let’s go take a look inside and you can get an idea of how people leave houses which is not a problem at all. There’s some stuff around, but that’s part of the benefits about selling a property to a cash home buyer. There is a lot of flexibility in the terms and what you can leave and things like that. So let’s go take a look.

All right, so here we are inside the house and one of the reason people like to work with cash home buyers is because they can leave the house in whatever condition we agree to. As you can see here, here’s the shower that is no longer a shower. There was a leak right there in the valve, and so they just tore the whole shower out to stop that leak, which is fine. We buy houses with damage all the time.

We did tell the seller that they could leave whatever they wanted in the house. They didn’t leave a lot in this case. You can see a few things. We are going to put laminate flooring here, all new carpet and paint. We’re going to do some upgrades in the kitchen area. This will all be new laminate flooring here, the kitchen’s going to get granite, and new appliances. And if you come down here, the end of the hall, you can see they did leave some things, which is fine. We told them they could. And so this is it. We’ll be starting in about a week on this and it’ll probably only take about two weeks to get this house done, maybe three. It depends how busy we are with other things. So thanks for watching.

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