l will show you how to Stop your Foreclosure Sale Date, how long you have to solve it, and other ways to help like getting money now and staying in your house, sell as is and move later, and how to possibly get a second loan on your house. We help home owners in all of Utah including cities such as Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, Logan and St. George. We can also help you if you are living in a smaller town in Utah.


Stop Foreclosure Sale Date
Do you need some advice on stopping your foreclosure sale date? Have you decided if you are going to work on keeping your house OR are you going to sell your house?  Do you want to talk to somebody about your plan to STOP your FORECLOSURE SALE DATE?  My name is Gary Parker, and I can help you.

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  • You will get a FAIR OFFER no matter where you are in the Foreclosure Process.
  • You can sell your house to us in any condition.  No house repairs are ever necessary.
  • You can stay in your house for weeks or months after the sale and you get your money!
  • Many times we can purchase your house even if you recently bought it and have no equity.
  • We can buy your house even if tenants are in the house.  We will honor the lease you have with them.
  • We can allow family members to stay in the house if necessary.
  • Getting divorced and need to sell your house?
  • Do you have a situation not listed here?  Call 801-382-9199 and let’s talk about it.
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We Can Also Advise People How To Keep Their House with a Foreclosure Sale Date
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Considering Selling Your House to Avoid a Foreclosure Sale Date?

Here are two of many Satisfied Utah Clients that Gary and his team has helped in foreclosure situation:


“I had been in foreclosure so long that I had a Foreclosure Sale Date on my house. Gary’s company stopped my foreclosure, and I was able to stay in my house for 2 months while I moved! I also really appreciated the fair offer.”

John & Candy G. West Jordan, Utah


sell-house-foreclosure“I realized I needed to sell my house that was in foreclosure as soon as I got my Sale Date Notice.  Gary was very helpful throughout the entire process, and I would recommend him to anyone going through a foreclosure ”

Karina L. Holliday, Utah


Sell Your House to Stop a Foreclosure Sale Date…

If you have received a Foreclosure Sale Date Notice in Utah from the attorney that the bank hired, you have probably gone 7 months or more without making a house payment.   They have to give you at least 3 weeks notice before the sale date.  Once the sale at auctions takes place, you no longer own your home.  PLEASE NEVER let things go this far.  There is ALWAYS a better outcome we can offer you.

The methods of selling a house with a foreclosure sale date are somewhat limited.  Listing your house on the MLS will probably not work because of the short time you have until your sale date.  If you act right when you get your sale date notice, you might be able to find a cash buyer.  You will have to hurry because the cash buyer will still want to do an appraisal and a home inspection.   Remember, we want to buy your house and are prepared to do that today.

If you are still living in the house once the house is sold at auction, The bank MAY offer you cash for keys.  This means, for example, that the bank will give you some money, usually $2000 to $3000 to leave the house clean and in the same condition as the day it was sold at auction.  Or, you can wait for them to go through the eviction process.  This can get you 6 to 8 weeks in your house after the sale.

Sell Now Move Later Program

What is our Sell Now Move Later Program all about?  We have options that will allow you to sell your house now and move at a later date AND get the money from the sale of your house NOW!  Just think how much easier this will make getting a fresh start.   Get your money now and FREE rent for as long as you need.  Gary Buys Houses will do what it takes to help you.

Stay in Your House & Stop a Foreclosure Sale Date

The two most effective ways to avoid Foreclosure is Loan Modification or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  We offer a 3rd option to allow you to stop a foreclosure sale date  and stay in your house. We can offer Lease Options and possibly Loans Based On Equity.


If you have not started a loan modification, it is probably too late to start now.  Call your bank ASAP and ask them.


A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be filed up to a few days before your foreclosure sale date to stop the process. With a CH 13 BK, one can often reduce their overall payments even including the fees associated with a bankruptcy if you have a lot of consumer debt.  We can refer you to a very reputable Bankruptcy Attorney Just call us at 801-382-9199


We can also offer other options to stay in your house.  We can purchase your house, get you some cash and rent your house back to you.  A lot of the time, we can make the rent lower than the house payment you were paying.  Foreclosure does not mean you have to lose your house.  If you do not want to do a loan modification or a bankruptcy, we can buy your house and lease it back to you.

We can also refer you to lenders that will loan you money based on the equity in your house and not your credit score.
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Your Best Outcome is Important to Us 

Janet N. of Kearns Utah decided to work with Gary Parker and Gary Buys Houses to sell her house with a foreclosure sale date. We were able to get a reinstatement and payoff quickly and get the house sold just a couple of days before the foreclosure sale date.

We are LOCAL company and work with a professional team to give you the best possible outcome when selling your house with a foreclosure sale date.   We can usually get a sale done within 3 days of your sale date.  Please Call 801-382-9199 Today.


Danny & Corrine C’s Story About Working with Gary Buys Houses

Danny Stopped His Foreclosure Sale Date

Danny and his wife Corrine needed to sell their West Jordan house that had a foreclosure sale date.  We were able to purchase their home, get them their money form the sale of their house and give them 3 months to stay in the house rent free.  We were very honored they chose us to work with from the 3 companies they interviewed.

Danny’s wife had some medical issues that made being able to stay in the house for a few months after the sale a blessing to them.

Concern for what people really need when selling their house is of upmost importance to us.

What is the Timeline of a Foreclosure Sale Date?

The bank, through the sane attorney that started the foreclosure process, can issue a foreclosure sale date  once 90 days have passed since your first Notice of Default.  Sometimes they don’t issue a sale date right away.  If you are in the process of a modification that will probably be approved, the foreclosure attorney may hold off in issuing a sale date. Sometimes it can take the foreclosure attorney a few weeks past the 90 days to issue a sale date.  And of course, a CH 13 bankruptcy will stop a sale date form being issued.

Once the sale at auctions takes place, you no longer own your home.  PLEASE NEVER let things go this far. You can avoid the entire foreclosure sale date and official foreclosure proceedings all together. There is ALWAYS a better outcome we can offer you.

If you are still living in the house once the house is sold at auction, The bank MAY offer you cash for keys.  This means, for example, that the bank will give you some money, usually $2000 to $3000 to leave the house clean and in the same condition as the day it was sold at auction.  Or, you can wait for them to go through the eviction process.  This can get you 6 to 8 weeks in your house after the sale.

Can I Sell My House To Avoid a Foreclosure Auction Sale ?

Yes up until about 2 or 3 days before the sale date you can sell your house that is in Foreclosure.  BUT, the sooner you TAKE ACTION to solve your FORECLOSURE SALE DATE, the better your outcome will be. Foreclosure can make a situation in which you want to sell your house a little more difficult or A LOT more difficult.  This means sometimes I need advice from an Attorney.  We also have Utah Licensed people on staff that understand the Foreclosure process. You can sell your house fast no matter the condition or list your house.  Our professional staff can answer all of your questions  801-382-9199.  Your Utah Foreclosure Sale Date Experts.

Sell My House-Stop a Foreclosure Sale Date
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