7 Ways A Direct Home Sale Will Save You Money in Salt Lake City

7 Ways A Direct Home Sale Will Save You Money in Utah

There is more than 1 way to sell your house in the Salt Lake City Utah area. A direct home sale will save you time and money as compared to a traditional listing with an agent. Learn more about how easy the process of a Direct House Sale can be in our latest post! 

#1 – No Commissions

With a direct sale to Gary Buys Houses, you will avoid all of the costs you will pay with an agent. You will not have to worry about paying expensive agent commissions or miscellaneous fees that always seem to pop up. Some agents will charge administrative fees, so make sure you know exactly what your agent costs will be if you decide to sign a listing agreement. And, Professional House Buyers like Gary Buys Houses, you will know exactly how much $ you will receive at closing because it is right on your contract. There will never be any surprises.

#2 – No Repairs

Most professional home buyers and investors will buy your house as-is with no repairs required. This will save you the money you would usually be spending up front to get the house ready to be listed on the MLS with an agent. In addition, after your house is under contract on the MLS, buyers will hire a professional house inspector to look the house over from top to bottom. This usually takes about 3 to 5 hours.  It is the job of the home inspector to find every problem he can so the buyer can negotiate additional repairs after the home inspection has been completed.

#3 – No Clean Up Required

When we say we buy houses “as-is”, we mean it. Since moving can be stressful enough, you don’t have to spend your time cleaning when selling to a direct house buyer. This will eliminate cleaning your house now or for the next few months while it’s listed. Getting a house ready to be listed on the MLS typically requires a bit more than your standard clean-up. When listing a house, you will need to get the house photo ready. And for property showings, your agent is likely to recommend a professional deep cleaning of the house, carpets, etc. You should also consider the exterior of the house. Landscaping and curb appeal should be kept up throughout the entire listing process in case your buyer falls through, and you have to start over.

#4 – No Closing Costs

Not all home buyers will pay the closing costs; however, at Gary Buys Houses, we pay them in their entirety. You will not have to pay for title insurance, transfer fees, deed recording fees, notarization fees or anything else that would come with a standard closing. We want to make the selling process simple for you so that you can move on with your life. Our contract will give you a specific amount that you will receive at closing to make things easy for you.

#5 – No Marketing Costs

When you list your house, there are marketing fees that will need to be covered. Some agents include this in their service. However, many others may charge you for photography fees, listing fees and costs to advertise the house on certain real estate websites. Sometimes you will even find yourself covering the costs or signage and items for an open house. Before signing a contract with an agent, make sure you understand what’s included and what is not. In a sellers market, you probably will not have to pay any additional marketing fees.

#6 – No Storage or Staging Fees

Most real estate agents that want to list your house will recommend you remove all clutter and personal belongings from the home. This includes paperwork, personal photos, and clutter of any sort. Think about real estate listings you have seen while looking online at houses. Many times listings that show photos of cluttered rooms and houses are overlooked. We tend to keep scrolling until we see homes that look spacious, clean and inviting. Sometimes this can be beneficial, as you will get a head start on packing. However, it can also make you feel like you are living in a hotel and not your own home. In addition, you need a place to put all your stuff. You might find yourself with the additional cost of renting a storage unit until your home is sold and you have moved on to something else. At Gary Buys Houses, we can let you take or leave what ever you like.

#7 – End Your Monthly Bills

You will immediately be free of the monthly bills, property tax obligation, homeowners insurance, general maintenance costs and more. Owning a house can be expensive, especially if it is an older, run-down property. When you sell to Gary Buys Houses, we are able to close in days, not months. This alone can potentially save you thousands on all these costs!

#8 – BONUS – Sell Now Move Later

Our Sell Now Move Later Program allows people to sell their house now, get the money for their house now and move later.  Sometimes people don’t move for months.
Learn more here.

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