How To Sell Your House In 5 to 7 Days Without A Realtor

How To Sell Your House In 5 to 7 Days Without A Realtor

You’ve found a great new home to buy at a much better price than you were even expecting. You want to make the best offer to purchase as quickly as possible to move in. But selling your current home is holding you back from taking action. How to sell your house right away?

For many reasons, you just can’t wait months for a realtor to sell your Utah house for you—and frankly, you don’t need that extra 6 percent commission fee cutting into your sale. Maybe your home’s a tidy little paradise. Maybe it’s truly a fixer-upper. But you know you are under a time crunch to sell your home. So how would you increase your chances of selling your house in Utah in 5-7 days?

Learn how to sell your house without an agent or realtor. Here are 6 home selling tips to help you increase the odds dramatically of selling your house in a much faster time frame:

How to Sell Your House Without a Realtor or Agent

1) Be Realistic In Naming A Price

Be Realistic In Naming A Price

This is where scouring sites for recent home sale data in your neighborhood is invaluable. Your prospective buyers are likely using these very same tools (I personally like to recommend the House Price Calculator offered by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.) Even if market value of your home has depreciated, time is of the essence. Price your home at around 2 to 5% percent below the most recent sale in your neighborhood. Use hard data to calculate values; you’ll be glad you did.

2) Prepare A List Of Any Improvements And Upgrades Performed

This isn’t just a good sales technique; it’s common courtesy. Include dates and estimated costs when possible (especially any appraisals performed prior.) The more recent your improvements, the greater at ease any prospective buyer will be.

3) Don’t Put Off Those Home Repairs

Don’t Put Off Those Home Repairs

It may surprise you, but “as is” isn’t actually a selling point to the standard home buyer. To us here at GaryBuysHouses though, buying homes in foreclosure or “as is” presents a very easy problem to solve for us. Obviously, time is a critical factor; and you may need to sell faster than total renovations might allow you to. But that’s no reason to avoid fixing that storm window or giving the garage a fresh coat of paint. Even minor cosmetic repairs can completely transform your home—and subsequently, transform mere passing interest into a sale.

4) Create An Exclusive Bargain Through “One Weekend Only” Open Houses

People are conditioned to take advantage of a bargain; even when there isn’t much of one to be found. Whether you choose to flyer your neighborhood, post your home on Craigslist or use a property specific listing site like Zillow, make sure you emphasize how time sensitive your offer is. Even if your asking price is above local averages, you want to ensure potential buyers that they can’t afford to miss out on your bargain.

5) Stage The House To Sell

Staging the house to sell

All too often, homeowners assume that property values and location are the only selling points of a house. The fact is, more often than not your home’s interior can be just as much of a decisive factor. Just because you’re selling your property doesn’t mean it needs to be any less presentable than it would when inviting friends and family over for a holiday meal. Take the time to de-clutter. Arrange the furniture just right. Emphasize space, not personal knick knacks; buyers are more interested in what they can do with your home, and not what you’ve accrued. You can also consider hiring a staging company to do the work for you.

6) Yes, You’ve Missed A Spot

Not only should the condition of your home be spotless, but you want to emphasize as much natural light as possible. Take down drapes and heavy wall hangings. Bring in some plants from your garden for a more “at home” feel. Every single inch of your home—from floor to ceiling to mantel to windows—should be spotless. Hide garbage cans and other unsightly receptacles. Make your home even neater than it was when you first moved in.


If the home selling tips above are too much of a hassle for you, we can give you an all cash offer for your house in Utah. And if you accept we can guarantee your home sale in 5 days or less in most circumstances for those who need to sell fast. The reality is selling a Utah house is as dependent on the market as it is your neighborhood. And neither or necessarily assured. But with these six simple tips, you’ve raised your chances; all with little hassle and no realtor. If you want to know how to sell your house today, we can help you.

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