Leak in Attic or Water Damage? Read This First!

Leak in Attic or Water Damage? Read This First!

Notice a leak in your attic? Suspect water damage? Uh oh. Apart from being a soggy mess, leaks can also cause dangerous structural damage to the ceiling and other parts of the house may cost a lot of money to fix, enable mold to grow, and more. If you are wondering if you have a … Continued
A computer screen that lists what do appraisers look for .

What Do Appraisers Look For When Valuating Your Utah Home?

What Do Appraisers Look For? The real value of your home is whatever someone is willing and capable to pay for it. What Do Appraisers Look For? They look pretty much for the same thing…values of other properties. There have been a number of instances where buyers have paid more for a home than what the … Continued
Selling a House with Asbestos Siding? What to Know

Selling a House with Asbestos Siding? What to Know

You’ve filled out all the paperwork, finished packing up boxes, and maybe even found a buyer… but, you’re worried you won’t be able to sell because your house has asbestos siding. You’ve heard about all the health risks,  disadvantages, and obstacles asbestos in a house might make, and you’re wondering if there is anything you … Continued
A closeup view of grass.

5 Pros and Cons to Buying Land to Build a House Later

Confused on whether you should buy an existing house or buy land to build your own house on? You’re not alone. Many people are trying to live the “American dream,” of owning a house. A popular possibility of that home-owner-dream is buying land to build a house later. Is that the right choice, though? Is … Continued
How to buy land and build a house in Utah

How to Buy Land and Build a House in Utah

Trying to sell your home to possibly build a house? If so, today’s article is for you. We’ll discuss how to buy land in Utah, the process to take and help you connect the dots to see if it would be worth it.  Buying land and building a house might sound fun but as with … Continued
Lady in cleaning cloths pinching her nose because of old house smell.

How to Get Rid of Old House Smell in 5 Simple Steps

With vintage styles making a comeback in home interiors in 2022, older homes are more appealing than ever to buyers looking for unique features. One prominent feature of older homes that will never become a trend is the ever-present and all too common old house smell. If a musty stench has potential buyers wrinkling their … Continued