A ceiling with probable asbestos on it.

Can You Sell a House with Asbestos?

Can you sell a house with asbestos and market a house contaminated with asbestos in real estate and sell for a good price? If you’re over the age of 40, you’ve probably heard about asbestos warnings. You’ve probably seen the ads and know it was once used in construction and buildings. You probably know it’s … Continued

#1 Home Rent to Own Program Websites

You are getting ready to buy a house. It’s a pretty standard process, you drive around town looking for sale signs, you google your dream home, or speak with a realtor. You save up your money, get approved for a mortgage, put an offer up, the offer gets accepted, and you move in. Sometimes it … Continued
Can They Take Your House for Medical Bills?

Medical Bills. Can Your House be Taken Away?

If you’re finding yourself drowning in medical debt that you just can’t pay then you may be concerned not just for your health but your financial future as well. What are the repercussions for unpaid medical debt? Can they take your house for medical bills? Can they take your car or savings? Depending on the … Continued
The outside of a house showing the radon vent pipes.

Selling or Buying a House With Radon? Must Read!

Radon in Homes Looking to sell or buy a house but it has radon in it? What should you do? And whose obligation is it to get rid of? This article can answer all your questions about what radon is, how to get rid of it, and how it impacts any real estate transactions. What … Continued
Home Inspections Checklist For House Sellers

11 Step Utah Home Inspections Checklist For House Sellers

Much like other states, the Utah home inspections process generally occurs twice as part of a general due diligence process. Utah Home Inspections The first, being from a licensed appraiser (typically at the request of a bank or lender) whose job is to perform minimal structural inspections; instead appraising the actual value of your home … Continued
Leak in Attic or Water Damage? Read This First!

Leak in Attic or Water Damage? Read This First!

Notice a leak in your attic? Suspect water damage? Uh oh. Apart from being a soggy mess, leaks can also cause dangerous structural damage to the ceiling and other parts of the house may cost a lot of money to fix, enable mold to grow, and more. If you are wondering if you have a … Continued