Selling a House with Asbestos Siding? What to Know

Selling a House with Asbestos Siding? What to Know

You’ve filled out all the paperwork, finished packing up boxes, and maybe even found a buyer… but, you’re worried you won’t be able to sell because your house has asbestos siding. You’ve heard about all the health risks,  disadvantages, and obstacles asbestos in a house might make, and you’re wondering if there is anything you … Continued

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5 Pros and Cons to Buying Land to Build a House Later

Confused on whether you should buy an existing house or buy land to build your own house on? You’re not alone. Many people are trying to live the “American dream,” of owning a house. A popular possibility of that home-owner-dream is buying land to build a house later. Is that the right choice, though? Is … Continued

How to buy land and build a house in Utah

How to Buy Land and Build a House in Utah

Trying to sell your home to possibly build a house? If so, today’s article is for you. We’ll discuss how to buy land in Utah, the process to take and help you connect the dots to see if it would be worth it.  Buying land and building a house might sound fun but as with … Continued

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How to Get Rid of Old House Smell in 5 Simple Steps

With vintage styles making a comeback in home interiors in 2022, older homes are more appealing than ever to buyers looking for unique features. One prominent feature of older homes that will never become a trend is the ever-present and all too common old house smell. If a musty stench has potential buyers wrinkling their … Continued

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What Not to Fix When Selling a House in Utah – 2022 Guide

When Derek Martinez sold his home he never expected to lose thousands of dollars. Derek was advised to make expensive changes to update his home before selling it; but in the end, the return on investment was negligible. He didn’t even recoup the money he spent preparing his home for sale on some of the … Continued

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Is a Structural Engineer Inspection Necessary? Read This First

Have you experienced sloping floors? Cracks above the door frame or sticky windows? With 25% of homes experiencing structural damage, these types of issues can be more common than you think. But at what point should you be concerned? Do you need a structural engineer inspection on your home to feel confident selling your home? … Continued

Covid Mortgage Relief Has Ended in Utah, Now What?

While experts say Covid is here to stay, Covid mortgage relief is not. Millions of Americans took advantage of the mortgage forbearance protection and as it has come to a close many are wondering about loan modification options after Covid forbearance. You do have some options after Covid mortgage relief ends. Covid Mortgage Relief Ending … Continued

Top 5 Problems With Crawl Spaces You Need to Know

Is your home one of the 15% of homes in America that has a crawl space? While this space usually gives easy access to your wiring, plumbing and gas systems of your home, it can be less than easy to maintain. There are five potential problems that are common to crawl spaces that you should … Continued