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Hi this is Gary Parker with Gary Buys Houses and thank you for stopping by.  Let’s look at the important things to consider when looking for a house buying company in Utah.

Local vs National

Local is always better in our opinion. Yes, we are a local company, but we think local is important. Knowledge of the area and personal service you can count on are the biggest benefits of working with a local company. We are here for your questions anytime, so please call us at 801-382-9199 anytime to talk with us.


We are available when it is convenient for you. We are happy to meet or talk early in the morning, during the day, in the evening and on weekends. Text, call, email or fill out a form to get a hold of us.

Reviews Testimonials and Social Media

Reputable house buying companies will have good reviews on Google and the Better Business Bureau, they will have a solid testimonials page and a strong social media presence. Here is a good source to research our reviews, testimonials and social media.

How the Process Works

Closing Options that are Flexible

We can close in as fast as 2 days.  If the property has no liens or a judgement recorded against it and you know the payoff amount on any mortgages, it is easy to close fast. If there are any title issues, we will work through them until the problem is solved. We can also close weeks or months after we sign a contract, the choice it yours.

You can get some of your money before we close if you would like, or you close on the house, get your money then you can stay in the house for a while if you would like. There are many options available with a solid house buying company.

Moving Options That Work for You

  • Are you living in the house you are selling? Is there a tenant or family member living in the house you want to sell? We can work through all of the issues that can come up concerning when you or the person living in the house needs to move. Flexibility on our part is the key.
  • A lot of people want to get the money for their house and move a month or two after they get their money from the house sale. We can absolutely do this. There are many different ways to accomplish this depending on your needs.
  • Is there a family member or friend living in the house that is for sale? They can stay in the house after closing and you get your money. We will work with you to figure out what you want to happen with the current occupants. Once everyone is on the same page, we can close, you can get your proceeds, and we will be responsible for working with the house occupants according to our agreement. Often times we will even help them with moving expenses. So, if you need to sell a house someone is living in or sell a rental property, we can accommodate your needs.

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