11 Step Utah Home Inspections Checklist For House Sellers

11 Step Utah Home Inspections Checklist For House Sellers

Much like other states, the Utah home inspections process generally occurs twice as part of a general due diligence process.

Utah Home Inspections

The first, being from a licensed appraiser (typically at the request of a bank or lender) whose job is to perform minimal structural inspections; instead appraising the actual value of your home based on both property history, cursory visual overview and the current market.

The second, is what we typically think of when Utah home inspections come to mind. A professional who performs a thorough (and oftentimes dirty) task of reviewing the state of your home’s structure, pipes, roofing and all aspects of property maintenance.

Utah is one of the few Western states that allow home inspectors to conduct property reviews without licensing and certification. And while it’s certainly convenient for inspectors not to go through a lengthy and expensive annual license renewal process, the idea of leaving it up to an unlicensed professional to determine the potential for property damage can seem unnerving for many homeowners.

This isn’t to discredit home inspection services by any means, however. Many are highly trained, certified and draw upon years of experience—even in states like Utah. We just want to suggest that you view both the history and credentials of any inspection service with a somewhat critical eye when making a decision.

It’s a common practice for most inspectors to insist on payment at the conclusion of their assessment—and the costs can vary dramatically. We’ve seen them as low as $150 and as high as several thousand dollars; all of which is contingent on the state of your property.

A reputable inspector may decide to take only a brief glance before giving you their realistic estimate. But they also may uncover legitimate flaws and damage which will demand attention before you even think about proceeding with selling.

In our experience, very few inspection service companies will tack on unnecessary charges and repairs. But there will always be a handful who may deliberately mislead you. Because of this, we would recommend you take both good and bad reviews into consideration, as well as confirming their status with the Better Business Bureau.

So how do you prepare your home for a visit from inspection services?

1 – Ensure Access

Believe it or not, this is actually one of the most critical steps—and one which often gets overlooked. Any spaces in close proximity to water heaters, pipes, air conditioning, electrical boxes, attics, cellars (in short, anywhere that may not receive regular traffic) needs to be cleared prior to your inspection visit.

2 – De-Clog Any Slow Moving Drains

And not merely kitchen or bathroom sinks. Outside storm drains, gutters and eaves should be swept clean or declogged with a commercial clog cleaner or snake. This will make it much easier for your inspector to tell if there is legitimate pipe damage or simply an unnecessary blockage.

3 – Replace Faulty Alarms

Check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they’re working properly or simply need a change n batteries (ideally, you should have been doing this regularly but many homeowners choose to never get around to doing so.)

4 – Clean Or Replace Any Air Filters In Your HVAC System

This will not only ensure that they work properly, but show attention to detail; which goes a long way in making an impression on an inspector. Utah home inspections always include a look a the furnace filter.

5 – Check For Cracks And Broken Screens

You will need to replace them in any case prior to selling your home. It’ll be cheaper for you to do so to avoid any additional lists of repairs when your inspector is filing a report.

6 – Cap Any Potential Fire Or Combustible Hazards

This includes any unused gas lines, chimneys, ducts and flues. You don’t want to risk a serious safety hazard showing up on your report if you can help it.

7 – Replace Dead Lighting Fixtures

In both standard bulbs and overhead fixtures. Inspectors can’t always tell if there’s an issue with faulty electrical wiring or simply a burned out bulb.

8 – Check For Pest And Mice Infestations

While the odd cockroach or mouse is generally no need to contact an exterminator, a serious infestation will often demand immediate attention before any structural or electrical repairs can begin.

9 – Contact A Licensed Mold, Lead Or Asbestos Removal Specialist Prior To Any Inspection

Utah home inspections are made by inspectors are rarely licensed or qualified to remove hazardous materials. It’s better to delay the sale of a home for a few weeks than to allow exposure to life threatening substances.

10 – Address Any Unresolved Issues From Previous Inspections

When you purchased your home, you should still have a report of the previous inspection in your files. While many of the flaws noted may have seem relatively mild at the time, they could have compounded and created an entire slew of new problems in their wake. A major selling point of your home will be presenting potential buyers with a relatively clean bill of health. This is assuming you want to go the route of selling your house to a standard home buyer getting a traditional loan. If you want to avoid the hassle of home inspections altogether, read point 11 below.

11 – Know the Cost of Home Inspection

The cost of home inspections and the expense of renovation can be altogether a big headache for many homeowners; to speak nothing of finding some fairly unpleasant facts about your house as a result of inspection.

By selling your home to GaryBuysHouses, not only are you guaranteed purchase within a matter of days (regardless of the condition of your property) but you can bypass home inspection services altogether! This option has proven to be an increasingly popular choice in recent years, especially for homeowners in foreclosure in Utah or in need of a quick sale, due to its convenience and ease.

And with an automatic approval process, you can stave off any uncertainty and enjoy the security of a guaranteed sale within only a matter of days and no need for Utah home inspections!


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