Trusted Companies That Buy Houses Do These 3 Things


Companies That Buy Houses

You might be surprised to find that selling your house to a company, rather than an individual, can save you a lot of time and money.

Companies that buy houses often don’t require any home repairs or cleaning before purchasing a home saving a homeowner much of the stress related to preparing for a move. The process of selling a house to a company is much faster as well — in some companies a fair cash offer can be made within minutes, expediting the traditionally slow home-selling process.  Call Gary at 801-382-9199 for an offer over the phone today.

Follow these three tips to avoid a scam and find a legitimate, honest home-buying company to work with:

1- Check their Online Presence

The first step to vetting a potential home-buying company is to thoroughly research their online presence. Does the company have a website with helpful information? Do they have a facebook page where you might be able to read comments from other clients? Is their company information, including contact information, clear and easy to find online? You can learn a lot about a company by simply researching on the internet.

2- Check their Transparency

On the company’s website, their contact information needs to be clearly displayed. Any legitimate business will always make their contact information and their address available to their clients. Make phone calls and get to know the company — find out who you would be working with personally. See how fast the company responds, how easy they are to get ahold of and how quickly they respond to your inquiries. An honest company will work hard to earn your trust by being available and answering all your questions.

3- Check their Third party validation

A reputable company with a track record should have online testimonials whether on their website or with online review sites like Yelp or Google reviews. Read all the reviews to really come to know the company. Another step in seeking third party validation is to check with the Better Business Bureau online. The BBB is a third party trust validation site and they provide ratings on the companies affiliated with them. You can also see reviews, any customer complaints and other details regarding the company.

With these three steps in mind you will be well on your way to working with a reputable home-for-cash-buying company.

The next big question that is remaining now is how you work with buy-house-for-cash companies. Here are some steps that will help and guide you when dealing with these companies:

  • Call now for an offer. 801-382-9199 and we will need about 5 minutes on the phone to determine your offer.
  • Submit the details of your house. This can be done in two ways.  If you are in Utah, you can go to their offices in person fill and submit all the forms required. The other way and the most convenient, is submitting the sale details of your home online through their website. The company will then contact you using the details that you have submitted.
  • The Company Will Contact You. Once your details are received and reviewed, the company will contact you to make an appointment. This is for the company to check out your property. As indicated earlier, some companies (such as, can put a fair offer on the table within 10 minutes after contacting you.
  • No-obligation cash offer given. After cost estimation of your property, the buyer will issue you with a no-obligation cash offer. What this means is, you can say no to the offer without incurring any cost. If an offer is an obligation offer, a certain fee is paid upfront for the offered services.
  • The buyer buys your house in cash. If you say yes to the buyer’s no-obligation offer, the buyers go ahead to prepare the necessary paperwork for the transaction. This will see all documents signed including the contract. After all the paperwork is done, the company goes ahead to pay you the amount agreed in cash.

Reputable companies that buy houses will follow all of the steps listed here and will go out of their way to make sure you have a positive experience selling your home fast, for cash. Contact Gary Buys Houses today for a free cash offer within ten minutes or less.

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