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Are you thinking about selling a house in Salt Lake City? Learn more about some common hassles that go along with selling a house and how to best prepare to sell your house.

If you are selling your Salt Lake City house, you might be in for a long and drawn out process filled with spending money and unavoidable hassles. It doesn’t have to be that way. By preparing yourself ahead of time, you can avoid many major hassles that come along with selling your house in Salt Lake City and all of Utah.

What are some Hassles that go with Selling A House?

Get Your Own Home Inspection

One hassle sellers encounter is being told by the buyer that there is a long list of necessary repairs that you, the house seller, will need to make. After the buyer has done their home inspection, they will make a long list of repairs they want done. Many sellers choose to have their own inspection done so they know what to fix and what to prepare for when the potential buyers want to negotiate. A small cost upfront can help you immensely down the road. It is also good to know what repairs are FHA required repairs. FHA required repairs have to be made in order for a buyer that is getting a FHA loan to qualify for the loan. A good home inspector will catch FHA repairs that need to be done.

Dealing With A Bad Real Estate Agent

There are many signs of a lack luster real estate agent that you can watch out for.

  • Ask them point blank…will you answer your phone when I call?
  • They aren’t doing what you hired them to do like market for buyers.
  • They don’t answer your calls or call you back right away.
  • They don’t communicate with you with what’s happening during the process.
  • They had you list your house at an inflated price just to get the listing.

Real estate agents are busy, but they should also be professional. The best agents will make you feel as if you are their only client. They have a big payday coming if they sell your house. Make sure they are doing their job and are deserving of that commission. Before you sign a contract or listing agreement, read through it very carefully. Not all agents provide the same amount of service or time. If your real estate agent is not holding up their end of your agreement, call them on it! Many will cancel the contract if they are worried you will leave a bad review about them or call their broker to complain.

Waiting Around For A Buyer

Waiting for a buyer when selling a house can be very frustrating for families and people living in limbo. In some cases, the process can take months. Even in a seller’s market, a sale can take months if the sale fails with your first buyer. If you have the house listed with a real estate agent, they will have likely recommended that you remove from your house valuable personal belongings, both money valuable and sentimental value. This means you will be kind of living out of a suitcase and likely feeling a bit uncomfortable in your own home. Especially when all those potential buyers are going through your house. But keep in mind, it won’t last forever.

Negotiating Repairs After The Buyer’s Inspection

As mentioned in my first talking point, it can be wise to get your own home inspection so you are familiar with the repair list that you will get. The buyer’s agent will try to negotiate as much of the repair work as they can after the home inspection has been completed. You can be prepared for this by defining limits on what you will fix beforehand. Decide that you will only pay $5,000 toward repairs or that you will fix the roof and nothing else. Many sellers will be so ready to be done with the sale of their house, that by the time the inspection is done, they will fix anything just to be done with it. Ultimately this can cost thousands of dollars they had been expecting to put in the bank. And remember the FHA repairs. FHA repairs HAVE to be made for the buyer to get their loan. You can avoid the property inspection altogether by selling your house as-is to Gary Buys Houses.

Avoid The Listing HASSLES and Sell Direct!

All of these pains and hassles can be avoided when you sell your Salt Lake City house directly to a professional house buying company like Gary Buys Houses. We will make the selling process simple so you can avoid the waiting, costs and hassles of a traditional listing. If your property needs work, if you need to sell within a specific time frame, or if you own a distressed house, we are here to help you! Selling your [market_cist] house can be easy, no matter what condition it is in!

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