People Who Buy Houses

There are 4 categories of people who buy houses.  Let’s list them here and then give a brief summary of each one before you watch the video.

  • National House Buyers
  • Local House Buyers
  • Individuals
  • iBuyers

Who are the People Who Buy Houses?

National House Buyers

National home buyers are companies that set up web sites in large markets like Salt Lake City and take in leads from those web sites. They typically rely on pictures from the seller and someone they hire to do an inspection to confirm the offer they made is correct. I have found that when talking to house sellers that are getting an offer from us and a national company, the national house buying company will give lower offers than a local company. They are going to get your house under contract and just sell the contract for a profit.

Local House buyers

People who buy houses, like Gary Buys Houses, will always provide more personable service along with higher offers. We can give you an offer over the phone, meet at your house or whatever you want. Us and our entire team is local and ready to help you reach your house selling goals. At Gary Buys houses, we buy your property and do not just sell the contract. This means higher offers for the house seller. Local people looking for trusted home buyers will usually go with a company close to them that has local people to work with.


Individual house buyers are typically new to the business and mostly try and tie properties up and sell the contract.


iBuyers are companies like Zillow and Opendoor. They are just another category of a national house buyer. iBuyers are notorious for giving high offers and then starting to nit pick everything and trying to get more and more price reductions.  Remember, there is an offer price at which there is no profit for a house buyer.  We tell you exactly how much you will get with our offers.


People Who Buy Homes in Utah

Please watch the video for more information about people that buy houses in Utah.

People Who Buy Houses in Utah
Video Transcription

Hi. This is Gary with Gary Buys Houses, and today we’re here to talk about people that buy houses. We bought the house behind me in Midvale from Paul and his daughter. They searched for us on the internet, for people that buy houses, and we connected with them. We met with them, and we made an offer, and we were able to purchase this house from them even though they did get multiple offers on this house. It worked out well for us and them.

As I mentioned, we’re going to talk about people that buy houses today. As you can see, I’m squinting a little bit. The sun’s right in my face. I tried this in the shadows and it didn’t work very well, so please bear with me. It is kind of a cold February afternoon, but no snow on the ground, so that’s always good.

The different types of people that buy houses are: national companies, local companies, individuals, and iBuyers. Let’s talk about each one a little bit.

National companies that buy houses, these are people that basically set up websites in every major city in the country, and they get people to go to their websites, fill out the forms, and they buy the houses. Sometimes they have people come out and look at the house, and sometimes they don’t. Remember, they’re national. They don’t have people in every single jurisdiction or city that they work in. Typically these people are just looking for volume callers or people to fill out the forms, and every once in a while they’ll get a hit, and they’ll buy a house. They do tend to make a little bit of lower offers, and they can’t provide the personal service that a local company can.

Gary Buys Houses, is a local company with a couple of employees and several companies we work with to ensure quick quality service. It enables us to give very personal service to people. We talk with people all the time, and they tend to really like the fact that we’re personable. We can be very flexible on when we can meet. We can be very flexible on when people have to move after they sell the house, and we can typically make a little higher offers than the national companies.

The next are individuals that buy houses. A lot of times these are brand new people. They may have a company, they may not, but it’s just them. They’re new to the business, so take that for what it’s worth.

And then there’s iBuyers. iBuyers are like your Zillow or Openbook, and what they do is they basically are just like the national companies, although our experience has been is they put in definitely lower offers and it’s just a numbers game for them. Sooner or later someone will sell to them, and they’ll get a purchase, and the sellers will get a sell, and it’s done.

In our opinion, a local company, an experienced company, such as Gary Buys Houses, that has been doing this for I think about 13 years now, very experienced, is the way to go. We know what people want, and we try to meet all the needs of our sellers. So, please give us a call if you’re interested in talking about selling your house, and we’d love to talk to you.

How do you Decide Who to Sell Your House to?

If you are reading this, most likely you are thinking of selling your house quickly for cash to avoid all the preparation that goes into selling a house with an agent and doing repairs.

So how do you decide who to sell your house to? Here is an article on national vs local house buying companies that should help. It covers all 4 categories of people who buy houses that we discussed. Also, here is some information on listing with an agent vs selling to an investor. So take the first step today by calling us to discuss your options. We would love to answer your questions.

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