The 11 Docs to Sell Your Home Without a Realtor

To sell your home without a realtor is not only possible but can help you keep a lot of cash to yourself if you do it right. To do so it’s important to know what real estate documents are involved, how to use them to be successful and learn how to market your property effectively.

In today’s article we’ll discuss some FSBO tips and the 11 real estate docs you’ll need.

Can You Sell a House Without a Realtor?

Can You Sell a House Without a Realtor?

The fast answer is yes. Realtors will frequently suggest pricing strategies & home renovations in order to ensure a quick sale. But renovations can cost you thousands of dollars. And in a wildly changing real estate market, that’s still not a guarantee to a successful sale. Suddenly, those renovations and that 6% fee are starting to add up very quickly.

And if you’re not already aware, the average realtor fee is 6% of the final sale; part of which is shared with a buying agency who is charged with helping to find the right buyer.

You need to get the best value out of your home. And you may not always have the money to renovate or want to use your home equity to pay that huge realtor fee.

Let’s discuss some alternatives to selling your house without a realtor.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

For many, selling a home for free seems like an ideal alternative. You keep 100% of the sale. There’s no need to sift through seemingly endless realtor agencies and bank delays. And marketing is as simple as putting a FSBO sign in your front yard. From there you can even promote it to friends and family through social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

The fact is though—unless you’ve been selling property extensively for several years, you really don’t know just what you’re in for.

Successfully marketing your home requires more than just a sign and a few facebook posts. It requires time, effort, and research (that’s part of what you’re paying 6% to a realtor for.) Time, effort and research you just might not have.

Nor would you have the time and effort by neglecting those suggested renovations. A realtor recommends them for very specific reasons—chiefly, that they’re the highest selling point of your home. In fact… they’re going to make up the largest percentage of your property marketing investments.

11 Real Estate Documents to Sell a Home Without a Realtor

11 Real Estate Documents to Sell a Home Without a Realtor

Typically, the must-have real estate docs you need can vary by state to state. Ultimately, you need to ensure you have as much vital documentation of both the condition of the home as well as any deeds or titles you may sign—in addition to a legally binding residential sales contract which should be drawn up by a seasoned real estate attorney.

In the state of Utah, this can include:

  1. A property title or deed
  2. REPC and financing addenda if needed
  3. A Residential Property Disclosure form, attested to and signed by a licensed home inspector
  4. Home inspection certification
  5. Invoices of past renovations and repairs
  6. Property tax information
  7. Property title insurance documentation, legally attested to by a title company of a buyer’s choice
  8. A lead based paint warning agreement (as legally required by the EPA for homes constructed after 1978)
  9. Bank foreclosure documentation
  10. Authorization For Payoff Statement Requests
  11. Offer and counteroffer forms

Home Buying Services

Home buying services are becoming a fast and popular way to sell your home without an agent, mountains of paperwork or expensive attorney costs and inspection fees. They’re both legitimate and effective, and are frequently an ideal solution for homeowners facing threats of foreclosure, debt and unmanageable mortgage fees.

Because home buying services purchase directly from you (the seller), there are no additional broker fees, hassles or renovations needed. House buying services purchase properties “as is”—regardless of their location, how long they’ve been on the market or how badly they are in need of repair. Nor will you need to provide any extensive paperwork, other than your property deed or title; they’re equipped to handle most necessary contacts with legal entities, banks and title insurers.

Perhaps most convenient for homeowners who are facing immediate distress, home buying services make immediate offers based on the existing value of your home. This can alleviate the stress of countless hours of legal and financial fees. Some of them can speak to foreclosure and mortgage departments on your behalf to ensure the sale doesn’t impact your credit rating.


There are multiple ways to sell a house without a realtor in Utah one being to a professional house buying company like Gary Buys Houses.

Whether you’re facing immediate legal and financial troubles or simply have a vacant property you want to get rid of as quickly and cleanly as possible, there’s no reason to be bogged down by realtor commissions—or endless research and attorney fees. Sometimes the question of finding the right resource is what they tell any real estate agent; knowing where to look.

We’ve been helping homeowners locally in Utah since 2009 sell properties fast for the best cash offer; and we’re prepared to give you the best offer today.

We ❤️ your questions so please reach out to us!

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I was a part owner in an electrical contracting firm in the late 1990’s and started to get interested in real estate around 2001. My business partner and I bought our first rental property in 2002. From there we did several real estate transactions until we decided to close the electrical business and part ways. In 2009 I started Gary Buys Houses which is owned by my wife, Eileen, and I. I felt like I could offer one on one personal service to people that wanted to sell their house quickly or not worry about repairs and such. Today, I have built a reputation of being fair and honest with people no matter their situation, so the business continues to help people and be successful. I have been married for 34 years, and have one son, two step sons and 4 grandchildren. I like to travel and spend time in Southern Utah exploring.

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