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We’ve been in the house buying business for over a decade now. And in that time, we’ve helped hundreds of Utah homeowners just like you find a quick, convenient and reasonable solution to selling their houses for many reasons including disasters and market downturns. But did you know we also help Utah land owners sell land fast here at Gary Buys Houses?

It’s not unheard of to inherit land you’re not quite sure what to do with as part of an estate. It’s not unheard of to have excess land that you simply don’t have any use for anymore. And it’s also not unheard of to own land with a high resale value that just doesn’t seem to move—despite your best efforts.

There’s a common misconception in real estate that a property is only as good as the land it sits on. That’s simply not true. When it comes to buying and selling land, condition and property are only secondary considerations. The real value is what can be done with vacant land.

Utah is booming when it comes to real estate. The period between 2019 and 2020 saw an increase in residential home values by over 5 percent. That’s great news if you’re a homeowner looking to sell your property now. But what about home value five years down the road? Ten? Fifteen or more?

A lot can depend on the local economy. And that’s what land buyers need to take into an account. If the median value of a house is upwards of $350,000, it may wind up being worth considerably less if Utah falls into a recession.

But that’s not likely to happen, thankfully. Utah doesn’t just remain stable compared to the rest of the country. We thrive even in spite of adversity.

In August of 2019, Utah led the country in job growth with a one year increase of over 3 percent in the private sector,  and 100 percent of all classifiable industries adding new jobs. This isn’t an anomaly. This is the reality of life in Utah. It’s a reality that’s not just attracting nationwide attention. It’s attracting thousands of newcomers year over year. And the demand for housing has never been greater.

Can I Buy Or Sell My Land Without A Broker?

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Selling your home without an agent is an everyday occurrence. And despite the fact that agents can expedite the process for many home and land sellers, many homeowners are confident enough to sell their houses without the help of a middleman. But to sell land fast in Utah or buying land, it’s a different story.

It’s understandable. For one, land use and development laws in Utah can seem as intimidating as they are complex. The cost to hire professional surveyors can sometimes reach thousands of dollars in Utah depending on the size of the acreage. And that still doesn’t guarantee your land will sell.

The fact is that even agents who are well versed in land-use laws are still hesitant to facilitate buying or selling land for the simple misconception that it isn’t profitable. A house is easier to sell and usually more profitable to sell is the belief.

It’s been estimated that there’s over 100,000 acres of undeveloped land in Utah, with a total value of close to $1 billion. That’s just in undeveloped land. That’s not necessarily taking into consideration construction-ready properties. Or land with existing structures. Both of which are more frequently found here in Utah.

Agents want an easier and more profitable sale. To buy or sell land fast in Utah is anything but assured—particularly if the land is in less than perfect condition. We’ve all seen pictures of weed choked vacant lots and overgrown soil. Who would be willing to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for repair and construction costs on top of the principal land purchase?

Commercial developers. Homesteaders. State agencies. Preservationists. Real estate moguls. General contractors. Just about any industry you can think of is going to have an interest in both buying and selling land. And many times they also don’t want to facilitate the sale of land through a broker. It’s additional time and an additional hassle in a small but fiercely competitive market.

How We Help You Sell Land Fast in Utah

It’s a fairly simple process to sell land with Gary Buys Houses. Simply provide us with some simple information about the location of your vacant land and the estimated size of the parcel. We’ll conduct the research ourselves into both historic and current sales of comparable properties, as well as the potential for future resale. We’ll also review legal ownership rights based on local and state records.

After we calculate the final value, we’ll present you with a no obligation cash offer—regardless of the condition of your land. We can facilitate the process quickly, without the need for expensive pre-preparation or taxes. We’ll negotiate the closing date around your schedule and give you all the time you need to make your final decision. More importantly?

We can provide you with both a fair estimate and a solution if you’re facing an immediate financial crisis. Our team has been buying land all throughout Utah for decades. We’re not about to stop now. We can refer you to qualified legal professionals if you have any questions and are open for negotiations in most cases; regardless of the circumstances surrounding your land.

We’re proud to be a Utah company. We’re proud to be Utah residents. And we want to see Utah thrive—one square foot at a time.

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