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What does a orange house have to do with companies that buy houses for cash? Where did that orange house come from, and how does it relate to this blog? This is a house that I saw one day in a nice neighborhood in West Valley Utah. It stuck out like a sore thumb, but only because of the color. The house was nice and well kept and orange. It pertains to talking about companies that buy homes for cash simply because I saw this house on my way to an appointment with a potential client that needed to sell their house and thought it would make an attention grabbing photo for a blog or article.

What are some of the reasons that people would want to use a cash house buyer?

  • Sometimes people need the money from the sale of their house to find a new place to stay.  Sometimes people need to find a place to rent locally, or they could be moving out of state and buying another house.  What ever the reason someone needs to get the money from the sale of their house before they move, a house buying company can make this happen.
  • There can be landlords that want to sell but have tenants with leases that need to be honored. A solid company that buys houses can purchase any rental property and leave the tenants in place.
  • In Utah, meth is often found in houses that are for sale. The article linked was published in 2012, but it holds true today. As the article states, meth contamination is mostly caused by use and not by meth labs. Meth houses are not a problem for us to purchase. We are discrete and very helpful when it comes to buying houses when there is meth in your house.
  • All of the more typical reasons for selling a house quick like foreclosure, vacant houses or houses that need repairs can be purchased quickly buy a professional house buying company. Please call us today at 801-382-9199 to see just how easy it is.
  • Sometimes it is only for the purpose of speed. Sometimes people just want their house sold fast, so they can be done with it and have their money. This is why sometimes we buy houses that are newer and need very little work done to them.

Here is a short video from Gary about
Companies That Buy Houses For Cash

Companies That Buy Houses For Cash
Video Transcription

Hi, this is Gary with Gary Buys Houses, and today we’re going to talk about companies that buy houses for cash. Usually when somebody wants a cash offer on a house, there is a problem to solve, and the people selling their house need to solve it quickly. Sometimes people can be in foreclosure, sometimes they even have a foreclosure sale date that’s only a few days away, maybe they have a vacant house, a house that just needs a ton of repairs, or they have inherited a house. These are all reasons people want a quick house sale.

For whatever reason people have, they would rather sell their house to a house to a company that buys houses for cash than list the house with the real estate agent. So if you’re in the need to sell a house quickly for any reason, no matter what the problem is, give us a call today at 801-382-9199. We promise to be fair and honest with you and give you a cash offer as is, and get your house sale done and closed within a couple of days.

As you can see, certain situations are what create the want or need for a home owner to sell their house for cash. A cash offer on your home is usually associated with a quick closing. Here are some tips for checking out house buying companies to ensure a quick, smooth and hassle free transaction.

  • How long has the company been in business because experience matters, and we have been in business for over 11 years as of this writing.
  • Does the house buying company you are considering have solid reviews and testimonials?
  • What about references? Do they have them; we do.
  • What is their Better Business Bureau verified account with reviews?
  • Are other companies pressuring you? They shouldn’t be. At Gary Buys Houses we never pressure people, and there is never any obligation to work with us.  We are always available for questions.

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