Sell a Probate House in Salt Lake City Ut Is It Easy To Do?

Do You Need to Sell A Probate House?

A lot of people end up needing to sell a probate house because they inherited a property that needed to go through the legal process of probate.  Sometimes a house that needs to go through probate will need a lot of work or there can be liens owed or no one wants the house.  It will also cost $1400 to $2200 to get an estate through probate with no guarantee of success.  The legal process of Probate will usually be successful if all of the family agree on things.

So what is a probate anyway?

A probate is a legal way of determining  who can authorize the sale of a property of a deceased person (decedent) if the person never left a will.  Sometimes a property will be placed in a Trust.  If the Trust has a Successor Trustee that is alive, a property will typically not need to go through probate.  Only properties that are not part of a valid Trust that have specific instructions on how his or her property was to be administered after they are dead, need to go through probate.  These proceedings take place in probate courts.  Sometimes an inherited house can need lots of work or have liens against it in Salt Lake City.  Sometimes no one really wants to deal with the house.  We Are Not Attorneys, but we can tell you what we know and then tell you to confirm with an attorney.   Call us at the RED number below.

We Can Help You Sell A Probate House No Matter Where You Are in the Process.

  • We can refer you to an attorney that will do the probate for you
  • We can pay for the probate as part of a sale
  • You an leave the house in its current condition
  • Sell Now Move Later Program
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How to begin Selling a Probate House
in Salt Lake City

The probate process begins after a person dies. Soon after this, the seller is expected to inform the court, which appoints a Personal Representative using a document called a Letter of Testamentary (deceased has a Will) or Letters of Administration (deceased has no Will) to take care of the sale.  Once this is done, the Personal Representative advertises the property just like other real estate properties.  The price can be based on a Real Estate Agent’s suggestion and also from an independent appraisal ordered by the Personal Representative.  A Professional House Buyer like Gary Buys Houses can buy the house as is and even help you get the probate done with an attorney. Click the link here, fill out the form and we’ll help you get started now.

sell-a-probate-houseJulie T. decided to sell a probate house to Gary Buys Houses.

This house is in the Rose Park area of Salt Lake City, Utah and was a house that went through probate.  The seller had the probate done before they called us, but we can help with the probate process if needed.

Julie T. of Sandy Utah sold us the red brick house above once the probate of the estate was complete.   I really appreciated Julie giving me this testimonial so other people could be helped.

We think it is very important people feel good about working with us.  Thank you Julie for telling people we are great to work with.

Testimonial by Julie T | Gary Buys Houses

Often times people like to sell a probate house to a professional house buyer for many reasons like ease of transaction and getting the sale done in a couple of days vs. weeks or months.  Now listing with a real estate agent will usually get you the most money for your house, but there are the people walking through your house & looking at everything, repairs to be made and hoping the new buyer can get a loan to purchase the property.  So yes you can probably get more money with an agent and LISTING your house, but you have to endure all the hassles.

Do You Want to Sell a Probate House in
Salt Lake City with NO Hassles?

We have been in the Professional House Buying business since 2009 and involved in Real Estate several years before that.   CHECK OUT HOW SELLING YOUR HOUSE TO US WORKS >>

We are always here to help walk you through the probate process for a house in Salt Lake City, we look forward to speaking with you. 🙂

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