How To Sell Your House in Salt Lake City During the Holidays – A Guide for Sellers

Sell Your House During the Holidays


Do you want to sell your house in Salt Lake City but have thought that because of the Holiday season there would be no buyers for you?  We can help you sell your home now with our great tips for selling your house during the holidays!

The holidays can be an excellent time to sell your house!  With fewer homes on the market, your house will stand out to potential buyers.  People moving during this time of year will usually have a reason why they need to buy a house quickly.  You will often find many people who are ready to purchase ASAP!  This post will help you use the time of year to your advantage. Read on to learn more about selling your house in the winter months in Utah.

At the date of this writing (12/6/2017), we listed a house that we remodeled and got 3 full price offers for the house in 5 days.  It should take about 45 days to finish the transaction.  We thoroughly checked out the buyer so they don’t cancel the sale 30 days down the road.  We don’t want to start over and drag the process out.  So follow our advice below and get your house sold and finished in about 2 months.

Think: Warm, Inviting & Homey

No matter who you are or where you live, people love to feel warm and cozy when walking in the door of a house they might buy.  During showings or open houses, you can offer Holiday snacks such as cookies, hot chocolate, coffee, apple cider or Diet Coke and maybe some candy.  If you have a fireplace, light it.  A few Christmas lights on the outside of the house will top everything off.

Holiday houses should smell like the Holidays.   Scents can help create the atmosphere you are looking for.  Gingerbread, pine, and freshly baked bread can all make people feel right at home… just not all at the same time!  You want to keep it cozy… never cluttered or distracting.

Hire a Professional to Help You Sell Your House

This could be a Real Estate agent, someone to help with decorating or maybe someone to help get the house ready FAST.   Taking advantage of this time of year to sell your house needs to start now if you have decided selling now is what you want to do.  Maybe you can pick one professional to work with to help push things along.

  • A real estate agent can advise and handle the whole sales process, or
  • Professionals can hang some outside lights for you, or
  • A professional house cleaner can get your cleaning done fast.

Getting some help could really pay off time wise.

Don’t Put Out Every Decoration You Own

Even the most beautiful holiday decorations can appear cluttered if there is too much of a good thing.  Many of us have mismatched boxes of ornaments, collected over time and stored in a holiday hodgepodge.  If you are selling your house during the holiday season, only put out a few decorations this year.

In addition, personalized items can make prospective buyers feel as if they are intruding.  When you are showing the house, put away stockings with names and decorations made by the kids.  Of course, you can put them back out the minute your guests have left.

So nothing really personalized and not too many decorations should appeal to most buyers.  The buyers will be able to dream about what the house would look like with all of their own Holiday  stuff.

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Your front yard is the first thing people will see when viewing your house.  Including simple and tasteful decorations can be a huge factor in making people feel welcome.  Don’t go overboard, but a few Holiday items will help foster the warm and inviting environment you wish to create.

Lighting can be a wonderful addition to evening showings.  Keep pace with your neighbors.  You don’t need to light up the whole neighborhood; however, you don’t want to be the only dark house on the street either.

Seek Out The Right People

Think about who might be moving during the holiday season.  Families might be moving during the Christmas break.  Investors might be looking to purchase before the end of the year.  Students and staff might also choose year-end to relocate.  Make sure your home is advertised where it can reach these people.  Advertise near a school, showcase your listing in a local business journal or place an ad in a University newspaper and most important…place ads on the internet like facebook and

Stay optimistic and implore some “out of the box” techniques to find your ideal buyer!  And if you don’t find a buyer during the holidays… relax.  January is only a few days away!

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