7 Facts to Consider Before Leaving or Moving To Salt Lake City


The City of the Latter Day Saints (aka Mormons). The Crossroads of the West. Great Salt Lake City. By whatever name you want to call it, when moving to Salt Lake City this is the #1 city people think of when they think of Utah.

Maybe you’re tired of small town living in Utah and want to see for yourself all the bustle that the Beehive State’s largest city has to offer. Or maybe you need to escape the pressures of living in a metropolitan hub and need to escape to a more serene lifestyle. Whatever your choice, Salt Lake City has both its advantages and disadvantages.

Before you consider staying in Salt Lake City, leaving or moving to it, there are a few things you should know—and maybe a few things you didn’t know.

Is Moving to Salt Lake City Good For Me?

Actually, no. It is a wonderful place to move to and live. And for many Utahns, it’s the epitome of an urban dream. It’s highly accessible, with a generally moderate climate, a vibrant city life and vast economic opportunities. In fact, it was recently ranked number 24 on U.S. News & World Report’s list of the Top 125 Cities to Live in the U.S. And that’s largely because it’s undergone a transformation over the past few years.

The misconception that it’s rather dull and conservative has been replaced by a youthful vitality that’s irresistible to many newcomers. For some of you, that may be the exact opposite of what you’re looking for when deciding to move. And for some of you, that’s exactly what you’re looking for. But like any city, there’s pros and cons to living in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City Weather

The weather in Salt Lake City isn’t really too different from the rest of Utah—which means that it can change dramatically overnight. That’s largely because Salt Lake City’s elevation is a good 4,000 feet above sea level. The average highs are in the mid 60s, but it rarely turns as chilly as the Eastern part of Utah. If you plan on moving to Salt Lake City, be prepared for snow seasons lasting from November to April, and be forewarned; July and August are peak seasons for hotter temperatures reaching well into the 90s.

With the different seasons in the Salt Lake City area and beautiful mountains nearby, the weather helps make SLC a fun playground in the summer with boating and hiking and in the winter with skiing and other winter activities.

Salt Lake City Population

As you might expect from a city of over 200,000 people, Salt Lake City’s considered to be one of the most diverse places to live in Utah. And it’s diverse in both culture, economics and neighborhoods. But it has attracted a younger and much more professional population, with somewhat more moderate political and social views over the past ten years, and newcomers who tend to hold more traditional values can sometimes find it to be somewhat intimidating.

Salt Lake is a very diverse city including many different religions, ethnic backgrounds and cultures from around the world. It also has a home town feel with many of the people born here making the decision to get their education here and staying.

And, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, “Minorities will generate half of Utah’s population growth over the next 50 years — converting its young generations into more diverse groups by then, a new first-of-its-kind study projects.

Projections say 45% of Utah preschoolers will be minorities in 2065, as will 42% of schoolchildren. Among college-age adults, 41% are projected to be minority group members, along with 36% of all working-age Utahns. In comparison, 77% of older retirees then will be white.”

Everything points to the Salt Lake City area becoming more and more diverse and a melting pot of culture. Just check out the Rose Park, Sugar House, Capital Hill, Glendale and East side neighborhoods within Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City Jobs

The job market in Salt Lake City’s a great example of the diversity we just mentioned. You could say it’s the economic hub of Utah, with industries including retail, trade, finance and healthcare being well represented. What’s more, it’s right at the epicenter of what some have dubbed the “Silicon Slopes”; a hotbed of tech startups and highly visible independent brands. That’s the good news.

Recent unemployment figures are in, and Salt Lake City’s unemployment rate is at 3.8 percent. That’s still better than the national unemployment rate of around 4.0 at this writing. We are not using the numbers after March because Covid-19 drastically changed what is normal. But that’s still not a comforting reassurance; especially compounded with the fact that many analysts are predicting a sharp uptick of unemployment claims in the coming months because of the outbreak.

Education In Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City might be home one of the most revered institutions in the country: The University of Utah. And there’s a reason why it’s consistently ranked one of the best national universities. It’s one of the few public institutions recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as having the highest research activity in the country. But what about the rest of the public schools—particularly if you’re a young family planning on moving to Salt Lake City?

The Salt Lake City School District is home to over two dozen K-12 schools. But sadly, many of them failed to get above a C during recent state education reports. But it may not be for the lack of quality. It may be for the lack of resources. There’s over 25,000 students attending the school district, but less than 1,500 teachers. So if you plan on moving to Salt Lake City to work in education, this is a great opportunity for you to make a real difference.

There are also many higher education opportunities in Salt Lake City such as Westminster College and LDS Business College. There are also other opportunities in the suburbs of Salt Lake City such as Salt Lake Community College.

Is Salt Lake City Safe?

No major metropolitan city is entirely free from crime, and Salt Lake City’s no different. What makes it different is that it’s actually less safe than approximately one percent of American cities of a similar size. Recent estimates for indicate there are some 7 violent crimes committed for every 1,000 city residents. The national median is 4, while Utah as a whole is only roughly 2. Grim news?

Not necessarily. Crime on the whole has been on a steady decline in recent years in Salt Lake City, and that’s largely due to the economic renaissance the city has faced over the past decade. In fact, we’ve heard from many families who moved here from all across the country who say they feel safer in Salt Lake City than anywhere else!

Salt Lake City’s Housing Market


Salt Lake City’s a hot city and it’s not just because of the economic boom and summer temperatures. It has everything you need from an innovation hub, a major competitive force in national culture, a diverse population, a changing image, good education opportunities. low crime, and a highly desirable real estate market. As a matter of fact, housing of all types is desirable in the City.

Right now, the median home value in Salt Lake City is $419,987; a 5.3 percent increase in just one year. The downside of those numbers is that they’re likely to decrease significantly over the next year or two because of current events. To make matters worse, the average house can sit on the market for over two months. And if you’re planning on leaving Salt Lake City, that means you’ll have plenty of time to decide where you’re going to relocate to!

The choice is yours whether to move from Salt Lake City or move here. But sometimes, you might need to do both sooner than expected. And at Gary Buys Houses, we can help you. We’ve been buying houses all throughout Utah for over ten years and built a reputation on helping homeowners sell their houses in Salt Lake City and beyond quickly, conveniently and at a price that’s fair.

Moving to a new city is a big decision. So is deciding to leave your old one. Just make certain you’re happy wherever you are.

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