A Mini Guide to Homes For Sale in Provo, Utah


What can you say about living in Provo Utah that can’t be said about other Utah cities? It may be a city of over 116,000 residents (a 3.7 percent increase in just ten years), but its character has always remained essentially unchanged. It’s always been a college town. It’s always been diverse. And it’s always been an undeniably convenient Utah landmark. The number of homes for sale in Provo Utah has been decreasing as demand and prices are increasing.

But landmarks do both change and shape the character of a region. While Utah has always had a diverse landscape and population, it’s changing even more rapidly. And so is Provo Utah. And it’s not just in size, either. If you’re thinking about leaving or moving to Provo, here’s some of the things you might want to keep in mind first. Homes for sale in Prove are in high demand for the reasons stated below.

Is Provo Utah The Next New Hot Spot?

You may have heard the term “Silicon Slopes” being used in the past few years and thought it might be an unlikely euphemism for Utah. But you’d be wrong. Provo itself is home to over two hundred startups, including some of the most highly publicized rising stars in the tech and software field. And it’s not hard to see why.

There’s an immense amount of talent and potential in Provo, owing as much to its relative affordability as to its mentality. Life in Provo Utah may be slower paced compared to Silicon Valley itself. But it’s never inactive. It’s practical. It’s not self-congratulatory. And it doesn’t chase after hype.

In March, Utah reported an unemployment rate of 1.8 percent. It may be lower than the rest of Utah, but not by much. And much of Utah’s economy is driven by the increased focus on Provo as a major player in the tech industry. It looks like Provo will be no worse off than many Utah cities in the coming months. But it does mean that Provo’s healthcare industry (which, combined with education, makes up close to 55 percent of its workforce) may see greater attention over the next few years. And with good cause.

Education In Provo

For much of the rest of the country, Brigham Young University is primarily known for its athletic program. After all, no small number of current NFL players have been drafted from its ranks. And yes; collegiate athletics are just one thing BYU is known for. But to simply equate the school with athletics is to overlook its top notch life science research department, its humanities curricula and its world renowned educational training focus. But Education in Provo doesn’t just mean BYU.

There’s close to a dozen of the Rockies’ most well respected colleges, universities and specialty institutions located in the immediate Provo-Orem region alone. Whether it’s Utah Valley University’s highly respected engineering department or Rocky Mountain University of Health Profession’s robust healthcare degree programs, there’s no doubt that the region’s educational institutions are providing a talented resource helping to drive Utah’s economic bubble. But what about Provo’s public school system?

The Provo School District, which consists of almost two dozen schools comprising over 16,000 students, is currently performing on par with the rest of Utah with the exception of one critical area: English. And while that deficit may seem like a crucial one, it’s important to remember that scholastic performance can change drastically with each school year. Provo’s school rankings have historically exceeded many other school districts in Utah County; and as county standards continue to grow more competitive, you can be certain that Provo will rise to the occasion.

Life In Provo

Provo is home to the flagship Missionary Training Center of the Church of Latter Day Saints, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that religious life constitutes a large portion of the city’s culture. But it also shouldn’t surprise you that so do sports. The Lavell Edwards Stadium, located on the grounds of Brigham Young University, is considered by many residents to be one of the defining landmarks of Provo. Capable of seating some 64,000 spectators, the stadium has played host to no small number of NCAA games, tournaments and outdoor concerts since its first inception in 1964.

But if neither spark your interest, there’s no shortage of highly visible bars and restaurants in Provo to choose from, ranging from haute cuisine to no-frills dive bars. And if you need the occasional break from city life, nearby Provo Canyon provides you with some of the best hiking, fly fishing and sailing spots you’re likely to find in all of Utah County.

While Provo Utah is diverse, the vast majority of residents tend to be younger working professionals and that shouldn’t surprise you. After all it’s both a college town and part of a developing tech wonderland. That doesn’t mean you won’t feel out of place if you’re a pre-retiree in Provo. It just means that much of the city’s activities are geared to people in their late 20s and early 30s.

Is Provo Utah Safe?

With a national crime index of 30, it might seem like Provo is more dangerous than other cities of similar size in Utah. But it’s actually less. There’s simply a larger percentage of crimes per square mile in Provo; and hardly a particularly high number (56 crimes per mile) given the city is only 44 square miles. Your chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Provo is 1 in 789. The rest of Utah? 1 in 386.

Homes For Sale In Provo

It might seem like a classic case of the North side vs the South side in the Provo housing market. Rentals on the south and more affluent houses and condos on the north. But it’s just one more example of the absolute diversity in the city. Both sections don’t just make up the housing market. They provide a nuanced dimension to life in Provo. And that dimension is only part of the draw for the increasing number of real estate investors with their eyes on Provo.

Is now a good time to buy or sell a house in Provo Utah? Not necessarily—but it’s not necessarily a bad time, either. The median price of a house in Provo is currently $505,416. Comparatively, the rest of Utah is approximately $567,714. But it’s also predicted that home values will still increase slowly even with higher interest rates. Most of Utah can expect the same.

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Homes for sale in Provo UT

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