Homes For Sale In Ogden, Utah : Is Now The Right Time To Sell?


Ogden Utah is the seventh largest city in the state. Ogden, Utah’s real estate has drawn a pretty significant amount of attention from both investors and home buyers in recent years. And if you’re thinking of putting up your home for sale in Ogden or simply moving to Ogden, here’s what you should know first.

Why Are People Moving To Ogden Utah?

Many Utahns have suffered under some misconceptions about Ogden that are anything but pleasant. Much like any other city of close to 88,000 residents, it’s a heavily urban center—and one which can be off-putting for people looking for a more relaxed and traditional way of life. But frankly we think if you scratch a little below the surface, you’ll find that its reputation isn’t exactly warranted.

If you’re looking for cultural diversity in Utah, Ogden’s one of the best examples. It’s been estimated that over 12,000 residents were born in another country. That’s over 15 percent of its population.

And while Ogden Utah may have grown by almost six percent over the past ten years, that isn’t exactly unique for any major city in Utah. So why are people flocking to Ogden?

For one, accessibility is critical for both newcomers to Utah and established professionals. And Ogden is accessible. Salt Lake City itself is only a little over a half hour drive away. But if it’s the outdoor life that draws you to Ogden, Willard Bay State Park provides you with some of the best fishing, camping and water sport spots in all of Northern Utah. And, yes… There’s plenty of skiing. In fact, close to 12,000 acres spread out over the three ski resorts of Powder Mountain, Snow Basin and Nordic Valley Ski Reports right in Ogden’s back yard.

An urban hub. A mountain town. A town rich with train history including Ogden Union Station. A one-of-a-kind outdoor destination. Confused? Don’t be. It’s Ogden. And it’s Utah.

Ogden Utah Weather

Ogden’s a mountain town, with snow beginning fairly early compared to much of the rest of Utah. It’s pretty common to start seeing the first snow flakes in mid to late October, with the last snowfall sometimes as late as April or May. That means an average of more than 22 inches of snow per year in Ogden and that many feet of snow in the mountains to the East of Ogden. Great news if you’re a ski buff. But if you own a house in Ogden, you may be singing an entirely different tune. There are many that want to be snowbirds during the winter months.

If you’re the polar opposite (forgive the pun), summers in Ogden can be the epitome of a dry heat with temperatures peaking well into the mid 90s and even to the low 100s once or twice a year. Be prepared for extra sunscreen and an extravagant AC bill during July and August. It can be a hot month or two in the summer.

Employment In Ogden

Let’s be completely honest. The unemployment rate throughout the country paints a far from comforting picture. And Ogden’s not much prettier. Unemployment in Ogden more than doubled between March and April of this year all the way up to a whopping 9 percent. And sadly, that’s on par with the rest of Utah. This is expected to be temporary though.

But as virtually any business analyst will tell you, unemployment rates are never constant. Especially in a national climate informed by a global medical crisis. In fact, many experts are predicting that Utah will weather temporary economic setbacks fairly seamlessly; and what goes for Utah, goes for Ogden as well.

In fact, if you happen to be working a public sector job in state and federal government, education or healthcare, you’re in luck. Not only do those segments make up the majority of Ogden’s labor pool, but analysts predict they’re expected to rise over the next twelve months.

It is expected Ogden will make a full economic recover over the next two years; although, things could change at any moment.

Education In Ogden

Ogden’s not exactly a college town, but it does boast two well respected higher education institutions in the form of Weber State University (currently ranked #80 in the Top 100 Regional Colleges of 2020 by US News & World Report and home of the Wildcats) and Ogden-Weber Technical College.

Ogden’s public school system is a different story, however. The Ogden Public School District currently lags behind the rest of Utah in some of the most critical areas. But don’t expect underdevelopment to be a constant, either.

As Utah increases its focus on primary education, Ogden may soon expect a surge of additional resources to align its public school system with the rest of the state.

Crime In Ogden

We won’t lie. Ogden’s crime rate is far from ideal. Ogden’s safer than only seven percent of American cities of similar size. In fact, its Ogden’s crime rate is currently at 4.83 compared to the median of 2.33 for the entire state of Utah. The chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 207 people in Ogden. In Utah overall it comes in at 1 in every 429.

We’re not telling you this to frighten you. We’re telling you this so that you’ll exercise caution if you plan on moving to Ogden. No metropolitan city is free from danger, whether it’s Ogden or Detroit. But most people who have experience living in larger cities learn to adapt relatively easily. To quote one recently transplanted family we spoke to, “it’s no different than anywhere else in the country. It’s just prettier.”

Ogden Utah Real Estate


Ogden Utah was once considered one of the most affordable cities in the country to own a home. That may have been true in 2012. But times have changed. But has Ogden changed? What is the housing market in Ogden Utah like now in 2020 and 2021 going forward? Will the current hot real estate market stay hot? Do you need to buy or sell a house in Ogden?

Right now, the median value of a home in Ogden is a little over $235,000. That’s far below Utah’s median value of $355,484. And those values are expected to dip slightly; particularly as Ogden continues to match the national average of 1 percent of delinquent mortgages. This could mean a slower year or two for home sales going forward.

One of the positive things about Ogden Real Estate and selling houses in Ogden is that the lower purchase prices for houses compared to much of Utah and the demand for housing being high, bring in the investors to buy houses in Ogden. Investors buy houses that need a lot of work and fix them up. Then they sell these properties to hard working people in the Ogden area. Or sometimes the investors become landlords and provide nice and clean housing for Ogden residents.

Should you put your house up for sale in Ogden? Should you move there? That depends on what your needs are. There’s no doubt it’s both affordable and convenient. But it also faces many of the same problems gripping any metropolitan city across the country—even if it is smaller in size and more pretty.

But if you need to sell your home fast, we’ve been successfully purchasing homes for cash here at Gary Buys Houses for over ten years. Not just in Ogden, but all throughout Utah. We’re known for dependable home purchasing solutions. Read our reviews here. Convenient home buying solutions. And prompt home buying solutions… at a price that’s right for you.

Ogden may be a city going through transition. But so is the rest of Utah. Whether you choose to sell your home in Ogden or not, we hope that you’ll continue living and loving all the Beehive State has to offer.

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