9 Reasons to Look for Homes for Sale in Midway Utah

Midway, Utah is nestled in the lovely Heber Valley and home to just over 5,000 residents. Named for what once was a central spot in the agricultural district in the 1800’s the city is now a mix of farms and family homes and even resorts. If you are considering selling your house in any condition, here are some facts and data to help you decide to buy or sell a home in Midway, Utah.

1. Weather in Midway, Utah

weather in Midway Utah

This area in Utah is typified by warm to hot summers and cold winters. Because of the higher elevation, (5,584 ft), you can expect to see more inches of snow each year than other valley cities nearby such as Orem, Utah. With the many ski slopes and resorts at nearby Park City, this climate would make a perfect home for winter sports enthusiasts.

2. Job Opportunities

With an unemployment rate at 3.0%  matching the rate for the entire state of Utah, Midway has a relatively stable economy. The city boasts several large resorts and bed and breakfasts with accommodations and food services being the most common industry in the city. Nearby Salt Lake City is less than one hour away for further job opportunities.

3. Midway Schools

According to greatschools.org, Midway boasts a top-rated elementary school. The city itself has one elementary school and one charter school part of the Wasatch School District. The middle school and high school aged children attend schools in nearby Heber City.

4. Transportation

Because Midway is a small town it does not boast it’s own  public transportation system. Commuting to work is not uncommon in Midway with around 10% of the population driving at least one hour to get to their job. Another 10% of residents drive at least 30 minutes to get to their work, making Midway a popular choice for commuters with jobs in bigger cities but with a love for the beauty and charm a smaller city has to offer.

5. Health Factors

While 8.7% of the residents in Midway, Utah, work in healthcare there is currently no hospital in the city. The closest hospital is located in Heber City, roughly a 11 minute drive from Midway. The general health of residents falls along the average for Utah with 50% reporting that they eat generally healthy.

6. Crime

Midway ranks lower than the average for the United States for violent crime and property crime.  Crime is ranked on a scale of 1-10, with the lower number being better. Midway is ranked at 10 for violent crime and 29 for property crime. Midway is considered a very safe place to live and raise a family.

7. Household Income

Annual household income for Midway residents is higher than the state average.  The estimated median household income is $76,348 as of 2017.  Only 4% of residents live in poverty and the cost of living in Midway is less than the US average as well.

8. Things to do in Midway

things to do in Midway Utah

For a small town Midway has a surprising number of attractions. Resorts, skiing and even a natural hot spring are all found in this small town Utah city.

Ice Castles Midway, Utah

Ice Castles comes to Midway, Utah each winter as an award-winning frozen attraction that can only be found in 4 cities in North America. The one-of-a-kind installation is built using hundreds of thousands of icicles put into place by professional ice artists. The larger castles are lit at night and include tunnels, slides and lit sculptures. This event draws great crowds every winter.

Zermatt Resort

zermatt in Midway Utah, resort, homes for sale in this location

This beautiful Swiss themed resort fits right into the Swiss heritage of the city of Midway. The spawling resort often hosts business retreats and weddings. Locals take advantage of the top-notch dining and spa amenities close to home.

Homestead Crater in Midway

Homestead Crater Midway Utah

Located at the Homestead resort is the only warm scuba destination in the continental US. The crater as it is called is a geothermal hot spring that has created a natural dome around it’s surface from built-up limestone deposits over thousands of years. That beehive shaped phenomenon brings people from around the world to Midway. The water stays at a toasty 90-96 degrees Fahrenheit year-round and you can relax, soak and swim in the water or even scuba dive into it’s depths.

Swiss Days

homes for sale in Midway Utah near swiss days event

Each year the residents of Midway put on a two-day festival that draws people from across Utah. The city welcomes more than 180 booths selling homemade arts, crafts and food. The annual event  attracts roughly 100,000 attendees which makes it the second largest festival in Utah. The holiday is a long-standing tradition in Midway, tracing it’s roots back to the 1940’s. The festival is in celebration of the Swiss pioneers who settled the area and as such you’ll find activities honoring those roots with yodeling and alp horns and more. With plentiful entertainment, shopping and a parade, Swiss Days has put Midway on the map for places to be in Utah during the summer.

9. Buying or Selling a Home in Midway

If you are looking for homes for sale in Midway then plan on a home or condo costing higher than the average for Utah — by quite a bit. The median home or condo value as of 2017 in Midway was over $400,000 compared to the median for the entire state of Utah at $275,100. Many of the homes boast sprawling lawns or even classic Swiss design seen in the lumber accents, flower window boxes and painted pictures on the sides of buildings and homes. Midway is known for its beautiful homes and with the close proximity to so many ski resorts and attractions you’ll find many listings in luxury real estate in this area. With a median square feet price at over $200 purchasing a home in Midway isn’t for everyone but if you’re looking for land or a bigger lot and a big home to go with it then you’ll have plenty of options.

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