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Homes for sale in Alpine Utah are rapidly becoming one of the major points of interest in Utah County. And it’s not hard to see why. It’s one of the more picturesque locations in Utah, combining small city charm with rugged hill-crested scenery. It’s less than 8 square miles, but has grown by 7.5 percent in just 10 years to hold over 10,000 residents. Comparatively, that’s not a huge number for Utah County. But it is for a small city. You might be considering moving there. Or you may be considering putting up your home for sale in Alpine. Maybe you have a job offer in a city like West Jordan. Or simply need a change of scenery. There’s many reasons to move to a city like Alpine. But there’s also reasons to move out. Reasons thousands of Utah residents are pondering just like you.

Alpine homes may be beautiful. But it’s not necessarily a seller’s market. Before you put up your home for sale in Alpine, here’s what you should know first.

Why Alpine, Utah?

Alpine isn’t exactly what you’d call a boomtown. It’s not a center of commerce. In fact, job opportunities directly in the city aren’t particularly vast. So what makes it so attractive to newcomers?

The location. Unlike other small cities in Utah, Alpine is in close proximity to some of the major hubs in Utah County. Sandy is only 9 miles away. American Fork and Draper are merely 2. But Alpine retains its own unique character; a character that looks like an exercise in contrast. At least at first glance.

It’s prosaic but sophisticated. Rugged but highly educated. Slightly rural but accessible. Small but far from isolated. And above all, Alpine is open, safe and clean. In short? Alpine is synonymous with the vast majority of the small cities you’ll find throughout Utah.

Job Opportunities In Alpine

Most Alpine residents tend to be highly educated and professional. In fact, upwardly professional. Combined with its growing population, it’s natural to assume Alpine would be one of Utah County’s up and coming economic powerhouses.

Not exactly. It’s not that jobs are necessarily scarce in Alpine. It’s the fact that it’s so readily accessible to major commercial hubs that residents choose to settle down here rather than deal with the hustle and bustle of larger cities. After all, the average commute time in Alpine is roughly 22 minutes!

Education In Alpine

Alpine’s a lot like many suburbs in Utah. People settle down in Alpine to raise a family. In fact, it was recently ranked #6 out of 74 of the best suburbs to raise a family in Utah, owing primarily to its public school system—ranked #5 out of 132 of the best 132 schools in Utah.

But when it comes to higher education, Alpine’s a little isolated. The nearest university is Utah Valley University—which is a good 13 miles away in Orem.

Crime In Alpine

We all know that Utah isn’t exactly a dangerous state compared to much of the rest of the nation. But just how safe is Alpine?

It’s actually considered the safest city in Utah, according to a recent survey from Safewise. In fact, it’s so safe it actually has to share a police force with the neighboring town of Highland. That’s not exactly common here. The chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Alpine is 1 in 5,252. That means it’s actually safer than roughly 84 percent of American cities of a similar size.

Why Not Alpine, Utah?

From just some of the above statistics, it would seem like Alpine is one of the most desirable cities to live in in Utah. And it is. Nearby Highland was named number 6 on’s 2020 list of the Top 10 Utah Cities To Live In. And Alpine and Highland are so close that even native Utahns often confuse the two.

Except, they’re not. Both have easy access to the highway. Both are just a stone’s throw away from American Fork Canyon. And both are renowned for their public school systems.

And both are sleepy. They may be close to more bustling suburbs; but they’re sleeper towns. You won’t find much activity in Alpine. Which is great if you’re looking to get away from the more urban city life you’ll find in Provo or Salt Lake City. But not so great if you crave a big city lifestyle with all of its amenities.

But Alpine is a little more expensive. The median household income in Alpine is $121,667. Homes in Alpine have a median listing price of $899,450, while Highland is roughly $630,000. Which means if you’re a homeowner in Alpine, it might seem like a great time to sell.

Don’t count on it. Utah housing prices are predicted to rise throughout much of 2020, even in spite of the current pandemic. But when the median price of a home in Utah is $370,000, most people will gladly accept a longer commute in a more congested area than pay $900,000 for a home in Alpine!

At Gary Buys Houses, we have a solution. We’ll buy your home in Alpine quickly, conveniently and at a price that’s fair. Not just in Alpine, but all throughout Utah. What’s more, our “Sell Now, Move Later” program will allow you to stay in your home for as long as it takes for you to relocate.

Alpine may be one of Utah County’s gems. Just decide whether you can afford the price first.

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