House Market Value Made Easy – Top 3 Ways

Your house market value can be a tricky thing to figure out sometimes. Are you planning to sell your house? Do you know the accurate value of your property? While the topic of “value” is subjective, it is of crucial importance to know your house market value before setting its asking price. Doing so will help you list your property effectively and know how to position your pricing strategy before putting your house on the market.

Here are 3 top ways to know your house market value:

house market value

1- Discover House Market Value Use Zillow to get Zestimate

Zillow is a very popular realty website that allows anyone to get an estimated value of his property. This website has a very user friendly interface and getting an estimate, called Zestimate by Zillow, is very easy indeed. Just enter the details like the house number and the neighborhood to get an approximate value of your home. Even realtors agree that Zestimates are good approximations of values of properties. You can also use this website to search for your new home.

2- Consider Using Trulia

Trulia is truly an awesome realty website with lots of interesting features. You can know the approximate value of your house by entering your details on this website also. However, they give you a price based upon average sale price of similar properties in your areas compared to the proper estimate provided by Zillow. Trulia is good at giving average prices of homes in your neighborhood. You can compare the area and features of your home with those of your neighbor to know the difference between the average listing prices. Refinancing is another facility offered by Trulia with the help of its own network of lenders.

3- Let Gary Help You Know Your House Market Value For FREE

The easiest and the most authentic way of knowing your house value accurately is by getting a free offer from As the name suggests, it is a company that buys houses for cash. No matter where your house is and in what condition it is, you can sell it to Gary without making any effort. There is no waiting period for you when you deal with Gary as he is flush with funds to make a cash offer and also complete the transaction in a very quick time. Just enter the details of your home on the homepage of the website of and get a free offer from him.

With the help of, you not only get to know your house market value for free but you can also sell it in a matter of days. Just imagine being able to get cash in your bank account without carrying out the costly repairs that you need when selling your home through a realtor. You also save on the commission you pay to the listing agent when you decide to sell your house to

Do not wait any longer if you want a fair price of your house. Get in touch with Gary to sell your house today.

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