Top 3 Affordable Home Improvements to Increase Your Home Resale Value

home improvement tips garybuyshouses UtahAffordable home improvements that add the most value to your home upon resell at the time of closing don’t have to drain your wallet. If you are on a budget and need to maximize the value of your house to sell at top dollar then today’s article is for you.

Yes, value boosting home improvements do take time, but in our research we’ve discover highest quality but yet the cheapest top 3 DIY home improvements you can make to increase the value of your home in a very short time period without having to hire someone else if you didn’t want to.


Affordable Home Improvements

1- Affordable Bathroom Remodel Improvements

Remodeling at least your master math is one of the best home value boosting steps to take. On average we’ve seen home values upon resale have more than a dollar to dollar match on what you invest into improving your bathroom! In other words for every dollar spend you get a dollar or more back upon closing on your home. Wait a minute you might say…You mean to tell  me that about the same amount I put into updating the value of my home I get back? It’s a wash? Well, yes and no. In many instances if you invest in the right affordable home improvements you’ll get more out at the time of closing, but the most important benefit if implementing these low cost DIY home improvements is help you sell your house fast in Utah.

Now, here are three low cost DIY money saving tips you can follow to improve your return on investment when remodeling your bathroom:

  • Refinish your bathroom shower and/or tub instead of replacing the entire thing. For a low cost around $200 to $400 you can re-glaze it.
  • Clean out the caulk and replace with updated bathroom caulk. This is very simple and affordable to do.
  • Paint those walls or apply texture or wall paper to add value. This is nothing new but many people forget the cost savings of doing something as simple as improving the appearance with some color. Buying one or two gallons of paint goes far, especially in smaller living spaces you want to improve.

2- DIY Landscaping Improvements

While there are many options to consider when improving your landscaping in the attempt to boost your home values upon resale, here are four simple DIY tips to consider:

  • Add contrasting mulch around your trees or perimeter of home. Go to your local nursery or even dump and many times you’ll find dark/black mulch you can get by the yard to add to your yard to give that extra pop when people come see your home.
  • Fertilize the love out of your lawn. You’d be surprised at the increased appeal your home can gain at a low cost by taking the time to go to your lawn and garden store such as IFA to pick up a quality lawn fertilizer for the season you are in. Green up your lawn, make it look sharp!
  • Add value with a new front door. Your home front door says a lot about you. It’s the place where your family and guests are welcomed into the soon to be home they will be living in for years to come. Make your door stand out by investing around $200 to $500 to make your door include possible glass and a solid handle and lock.

3- Minor Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Remodel Tips

If there’s one room in the entire house that your new home buyer will love the most it is the kitchen. The kitchen is still king according to this Consumer Reports article. Those who love to cook and spend time catering to their friends and family from their kitchen will love a big, spacious kitchen. If you don’t that envied kitchen space yet here are some tips to consider that will make your kitchen appear to be bigger or will literally make it bigger at a relatively low cost.

  • Cabinets are one of the best kitchen updates to do to boost the value of your home upon resell. When done right new cabinets give that kitchen a stunning look and frees up a lot of space to store items normally kicking around the counter cluttering up the kitchen environment.
  • Add value by swapping out the faucet. Yes, a simple swap of your kitchen faucet, as easy as it sounds, boosts the aesthetics of your kitchen thus increasing the perceived value for your buyer.
  • Utilize all your kitchen wall space. All that empty space you might see in your kitchen right now can direct your buyers attention to what’s on extra shelves or to wall art, lighting, etc that injects more excitement into the room.

Bonus Home Value Boosting Tip

  • Include smart home devices. In this day and age smart home devices are become extremely popular. You can include smart home devices that can automatically turn on/off the water to your house in case of a flood. how helpful is that! There are also devices to conserve energy thus reducing electric utilities which appeal to a new home buyer. Additionally, you could add smart home automation tools for your home interior or exterior lighting fixtures. Check this article out on the top smart home devices you can use under $100.

Improving the value of your home doesn’t need to break the bank. Here are some more affordable home improvements to learn about. The tips above are simple and affordable things you can do to quickly maximize the value perception of your new home buyer.

Or Forget Improving Your Home Value And Do This

When you want to sell your house fast in Utah and simply want to get out as fast as you can, improving your home value might be one of the last things on your mind. You might be moving out of state and need to move asap. You might be in probate, inherited a house, in foreclosure, bankruptcy or any of the other home buyer situations I help with here.

Planning out affordable home improvements is a hassle. If you are in a situation where  you would rather sell your house as is and not worry about all the time and money it takes to make your house “just perfect” well you can just forget about what everyone else does and take the faster, more profitable route. Contact Gary and his team here at GaryBuysHouses to receive an all cash offer on your house and property.

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