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Do you have a house you need to get sold fast? Have you been thinking I want to sell my house fast in Utah?  Do you have a vacant house full of stuff or a house that needs a ton of repairs?  Maybe you have inherited a house or need to get a house through the long process of probate.  What about the payments on the house, are they behind?  Is foreclosure a possibility?  Even if you have terrible tenants living in the your house, we can buy your house quickly.  No matter what your house situation is, you can sell your house now with no hassles.  When You need to sell your house fast, we will give you options. You can even sell your house fast and move later even if your house is vacant or there is meth in your house.

Hi my name is Gary Parker. There are many reasons people want to sell a house, and sometimes selling a house fast is your #1 priority.

If you have a lot of time to clean and repair your property, list your property, make time for all the showings, and wait 30 to 60 days to close, listing your house may be the best option for you.

But if you are in a situation like any of the situations listed above, you may just want a quick house sale to be done with it. Maybe you have a foreclosure sale date that is quickly approaching, or maybe you have a house filled with things you just don’t have time to go through or maybe you are behind on your property taxes. We can help you with a quick sale of your no matter what your situation is.

We are your solution to sell your house asap.

sell my house quick

How Easy is the Process to Sell Your House Now?


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Why Do Some Sellers Need to Sell a Property Fast?

There could be many reasons you have a house for sale that you need to sell fast.  Some times a family inherits a house that needs quite a bit of repairs and is probably vacant.  At some point the family is done going through the house and has decided to sell the house as is.  They may want to leave what contents are left in the house or may not want to do a bunch of repairs and just be done with the house.  Most of the time people want to move fast once they get to this point.

Sometimes people have to suddenly move for many possible reasons.  They could leave the house vacant with a Realtor to sell the house, but some people don’t want to deal with everything that comes along with listing a house on the MLS like repairs, FHA Loan Requirements the buyer will make you follow, all the potential buyers walking through the house and waiting 6 to 12 weeks to get your house sold.  For some people it is just easier for them to get the house sold quickly.

Another reason people sometimes want to sell their house with a We Buy Houses Company is because they have a rental house with terrible tenants.  Bad tenants can reek  havoc on a house.  The cosmetic repairs and the late rent can wear on people.  It is easy to sell a house fast even with tenants in the house.

Selling a House Quickly can be a smooth and easy transaction at Gary Buys Houses.  <<<<<<

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How Does A Fast Closing On Your House Work?

At Sell My House Fast, we will take care of all of this. It all starts with the Title Company after the property is under contract.    As mentioned above, the decision to sell can take weeks, months or years to decide; however, once that decision is made, the process of selling (closing on) a property can start.  Below are the steps that happen at the Title Company:

  • Most likely the Title Company will need an authorization signed by the seller or seller’s representative to get the pay off amounts on any mortgages, judgements or liens that are against the property and the city utilities.  This is what takes the most time to get done.  If there are no mortgages or liens against the property, a house can be sold in 1 or 2 days.
  • Once all of the pay off amounts are known, the title company creates a buyer side and a seller side closing statement.  Each statement shoes where every penny of the money is going and exactly how much money the seller is getting and what the buyer is paying.
  • A meeting, often called closing, is scheduled with the buyer and the seller and all the paperwork is signed.  If a seller lives out of the area, the title company will overnight the closing documents to the seller with a pre paid overnight envelope back.  It is during this time the buyer will wire the money he is using to buy the house to the title company.
  • Once the title company has the documents signed by the buyer and the seller and has received the money from the buyer, the title company will record a Warranty Deed.  Once this document is recorded, the property belongs to the buyer.
  • The last step is for the title company to get the seller’s proceeds to the seller.  The title company can wire the funds to a bank account, mail a check or the seller can pick up a check.
  • The seller can now cancel all utilities on the property.  When we buy a house, we usually ask the seller to wait 3 business days to cancel the utilities.  It is much easier to switch utilities if they have not been shut off.



Do You Have A House To Sale That Needs To Be Sold Now?

Is selling your house in the fastest way possible your 1st priority? At Gary Buys Houses we can buy your house in as little as 2 days…yes 2 days. It can take a few days longer if the title company needs to get a payoff of a mortgage or a judgement or a lien. But, it is ALWAYS up to the seller when we close.  We can close in 2 days or 2 months, or we can close fast and rent the house back to the seller for several months for ZERO Rent which is called our SELL NOW MOVE LATER PROGRAM.  At Gary Buys Houses all aspects of the when and how we close are up to the seller.  We mean it when we say NO HASSLES.

DO YOU HAVE an Inherited Houses, a Houses in Foreclosure, a Vacant Houses, Rental Houses (even if tenants are still there), House to Probate, The City has given you a ticket, Major House Repairs or what ever the problem is, Gary Buys Houses can solve your property problem today to help you get started with the next chapter in your life. We have a solution just for you to get your house sold quickly. We can even help with your move!

Are You Ready to Sell Your House Now?


Doug R. and his family in Rose Park, Ut were very happy with Gary Buys Houses.


  • Why Do You Need a Fast closing?  We can help.
  • Do You Need to Sell Your House Fast but stay in the house for a few weeks or months? WE CAN DO THAT!
  • Would you like a fast and fair offer? You will always receive a fair offer on your house.
  • Do you need some Judgements or Liens paid at closing? All of these types of expenses will be paid at closing.
  • Could you benefit from our Sell Now Move Later Program? Many house sellers need the money form the sale of their house to move. We can get your your money before you move!
  • Are you concerned with the repairs your house will need? Please don’t be concerned about your house repairs. Sell your house as-is.
  • What about all the stuff that might be in your house? No problem. Sell your house and leave everything you don’t want.
  • Concerned how professional we are? See what other house sellers are saying about us.

Sometimes people go through the process of deciding if they need to sell their house for months or years, and sometimes life situations come up that make it so people need to sell now.  There can also be situations where someone might need to sell now and stay in the house for a while and get everything ready to move.  So selling a house fast is really about what the seller needs out of the situation. Once a contract to sell your house is signed, the process can begin. and end quickly if that is what you want.

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Why is Who You Work With to Sell Your House Fast So Important?

Even thought selling a house quickly can be your first priority, there are other things to consider when selling a house to a professional house buying company.

  • Is the company you are considering selling your house to a LOCAL company like Gary Buys Houses is?  A local company will have people you can meet with at your house and always be available through out the entire process of selling your house.
  • A LOCAL company will have a team of professionals, such as a Title Company or attorneys, that work with you to ensure a smooth on-time process.
  • Is the company you are thinking about going to buy your house with their own money or will they simply tie your property up with a contract and then just sell the contract for a big mark up? And what if they can’t sell the contract and you have to start all over to get your house sold?

Sell My House Fast

Sell My House Fast in Salt Lake County

Salt Lake County has the largest population in Utah and includes Utah’s two largest cities: Salt Lake City and West Valley City.  Salt Lake City is the state capital and home to the University of Utah Runnin’ Utes and the Utah Jazz basketball team.  Salt Lake County is mostly urban with farmland and pasture scattered throughout the county.  This is where Kennecott Copper is located, and SL County is also where Gary Buys House has their office in Millcreek.