Selling A House During A Divorce in Salt Lake City – Options At An Emotional Time

Selling Your House during Divorce in Salt Lake City

Selling your house during a divorce in Salt Lake City can be extremely difficult. Emotions can be high in a divorce. Chances are that someone at some time wants to destroy the house. The reality is, eventually emotions subside and we all can start thinking about how we are going to proceed.  Selling a house during a divorce does not need to be a major hassle.

When it comes to divorce proceedings, the courts will usually guide us to be people that can discuss outcomes that will work for and benefit everyone.  Keep the home in tact because if you have to sell, you want top dollar.  Plus you don’t want your ex-spouse to claim you damaged the property and have your portion garnished for the momentarily emotionally gratifying deed.  So if you are Selling A House During Divorce, calm discussions about how to sell the house and work around all of the things that go with selling a house like moving and repairs, will get you the best results.

One very stressful issue that happen because of divorce is what to do with the family home.  In a lot of cases, it is difficult or impossible for a single spouse to maintain the home on his or her own.  In other cases, the couple may choose to sell the home and divide the proceeds, but find themselves bogged down trying to find a suitable buyer.  What was once a symbol of a beautiful union can become a lingering – and financially burdensome – reminder of a troubled time.  This can all be harder if there are lots of repairs or maybe Foreclosure is looming.


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Selling A House During A Divorce and Agreeing to Sell and Split

One of the common ways to split assets in a divorce, especially a house, is to put it on the market, sell it and split any equity equally among the two of you. This is common especially if there aren’t children involved. It simplifies things by eliminating a pending mortgage and if you can sell quickly, expedites the divorce process.  That being said, if your house needs repairs, is close to foreclosure, or one or both of you just want a fast sale of your house, this could drag things on longer than desired.

Talk to a realtor. Get an honest assessment for your Salt Lake City home.  Find out what estimated costs will be, how the house will be marketed, when you can expect to have to move because this varies A LOT, and research the market yourself to understand what houses are selling for.  We can help if you want things like, money now, stay in the house for a while to get things settled, don’t want to make repairs and such, give us a call.  There is a RED phone number on bottom of this page.

Preparing the House for Sale in Salt Lake City

Do your best to clean up the house and make it presentable for sale.  Remember you both have a stake in the successful sale.  De-clutter and make it look like a happy family lives there.  Continue to mow the grass and keep the grass watered.  And if you really want to make it smooth, tackle that honey-do-list you have been avoiding.

The Next House

If you are selling the marital house and will be buying a new house, make sure to coordinate things with your realtor to ensure you time to purchase the new properly.  Divorces get hung up in court and house sales get hung up for a million reasons.  You don’t want to be tied into a new home mortgage when other components fall apart.

Be honest with lenders and start the process early.  While you need to be prepared, don’t lock any rates in before you are really ready to pull the trigger.  Constantly running credit for new approvals can hurt credit scores.

One Spouse Keeps The Pad

While this option is more common when children are involved (to keep them stable), it is a viable option in any divorce if parties agree.  In this scenario, you decide to buy the house from your soon-to-be-ex.  He or she will agree to quit claim their interest in the property by completing a quit claim deed. For their part, you agree to assume the mortgage and buy them out of their equity.

To buy your spouse out of the mortgage, you need to contact the lender and explain the divorce scenario and request an assumption of the loan.  Lenders will more than likely underwrite you as an individual to make sure you can afford the house on your own.  Make sure you document all income you have, including spousal support.

If the lender won’t let you assume the loan, you need to apply for a refinance.  If interest rates are lower, this might not be a bad scenario anyway.  Again, this is a loan application.  You will need to meet all income and debt obligations to qualify.

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Gary Buys Houses was easy and flexible to work with while my wife and I were getting a divorce and wanted to sell out house.  Both of us were moving out of state, and the house needed some work done to it.  We both appreciate your patience Gary.”

Sara M. – Sandy Ut.

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