Review of Top 5 Local House Buying Companies In Utah in 2020


If you’re a Utah resident looking to sell your house fast for cash, you may have already considered using a professional house buying company as an option. And you may have even wondered what the difference is between them and a standard home buyer and wondered where you could take a look at reviews for house buying companies. Many house buying companies list testimonials from previous clients and information about Google reviews on their web sites.

They may look similar at first glance. After all, the main point of selling your house for cash is immediate access to funds and a guaranteed sale even if you are in a unique situation. House buying companies save you time, some of them give you great moving options and some of them will advance you money on the sale of your house. You don’t have to deal with endless showings, agent negotiations, inspections, appraisals or waiting the estimated 60 to 90 days it takes to sell the average home to get your money.  In fact, you’re probably even willing to put up with those ugly billboards and signs you see all over the place these days! So, you are ready to consider a fast sale. Many people use home buying company reviews to narrow down their search for the right company for them, so let’s get started.

But looks can be deceiving. For one, there’s more than a few untrustworthy companies who will promise to buy your house for cash. But they’ll typically request an initial fee for their “services” as well as a copy of your title prior to their final offer. Don’t be deceived by these scams. Any legitimate home buying company will have a consistent track record, a Better Business Bureau® rating and reliable testimonials from past customers for you to review. And often times choosing a local company is a step in the right direction for finding the right company for you. It is easier to verify that a local company has the proper license and works with reliable partners like title companies than an out of state company.

Many companies that buy houses are actually national entities with no real feet on the ground in our local area. For the most part, national house buying companies are perfectly legitimate and trustworthy. But they rarely will have any sort of regional specific knowledge and expertise. They honestly don’t know the Utah real estate market all that well, and they’ll frequently weigh the value of your home against the national average. And that will virtually never be reflective of the Utah average.

We’ve been buying homes for over 11 years now since 2009, and we’re proud to say we’re Utah born and bred. And we don’t consider our trustworthy competitors to actually be our enemies. Quite the opposite. They’re our peers and colleagues. We looked at some of the top five companies that buy houses in Utah and here’s our review. So let us dive in now.

1. Utah Sell Now

South Jordan, UT Better Business Bureau® accredited? Yes

Utah Sell Now has been buying homes in Utah since 2015. They promise a prompt evaluation and offer within a 24 hour period. But what stands out about Utah Sell Now is the fact that their closing times are entirely subject  to the seller. It could be as quickly as 7 days or customized to fit any homeowner’s needs and priorities.

2. Utah House Buyers

Salt Lake City, UT Better Business Bureau® accredited? Yes

Since 2016, Utah House Buyers has made a name for themselves by offering fast closing times (sometimes within the very same day) and professional courtesy. They predominantly focus on the Salt Lake City area and surrounding communities, however; which means they may not necessarily have a specialized understanding of the St. George or Logan markets.

3. Fast Home Offer Utah

Harrisville, UT Better Business Bureau® accredited? Yes

Fast Home Offer Utah is a company that buys houses throughout an impressive range of counties and regions in Utah since 2014. But they have a particular focus on distressed properties, and take a unique and insightful approach in their understanding of seller needs.

4. Summit Home Buyers

Bountiful, UT Better Business Bureau® accredited? Yes

Although they’ve only been in business for about two years, Summit Home Buyers covers a pretty broad range of areas throughout Utah and are thoroughly knowledgeable about both the local real estate market and home repairs. More importantly, they’re a two-person operation. That means you can rely on extremely personalized attention instead of generalized service.

5. Standout Home Buyers

Lehi, UT Better Business Bureau® accredited? Yes

Standout Home Buyers is another relatively new home buying company. But they’ve already distinguished themselves by partnering with their own team of independent contractors who provide services at a discount. While this is a great way to get a great estimate on your home, they’re also relatively limited in focus to the greater Salt Lake City area.

What Makes Gary Buys Houses Different?

John & Candi G. of West Jordan right after we closed on their house. It is easy to tell they are happy 😀.

All five companies we’ve just reviewed deserve their reputation for professional courtesy, promptness and fair offers. As we said, they’re not just our competitors, they’re our peers, and we are proud to work alongside them in the Salt Lake City and Utah markets.

But we’ve been buying houses throughout Utah since 2009. We’ve seen its ups and downs. We haven’t just seen how the real estate market has changed; we’ve seen how the local economy has changed. We’re familiar not just with the needs of Utah residents and house sellers, but many of the questions they have about the complexities of home selling and can gladly refer them to qualified attorneys, planners, movers and relocation services for further assistance.

As a matter of fact we will help people move, take care of any issues and, like the others, close fast.

Like many other companies that buy houses in Utah, we consistently close in as little as seven days or maybe faster. But we can sometimes give you an offer in as little as 15 minutes right over the phone without an examination of your home. We can do this based on years of insight and experience. We know exactly what to look for; and more specifically, your situation and priorities are important to us.

We also provide a unique services. For one, we love questions. Please reach out anytime to talk about what you need from the sale of your house. Another service we offer is called our “Sell Now, Move Later” program which can allow you to stay in your home after its sale—for as long as you need. We can even arrange to sell your home back to you if and when you feel the time is right.

Thank you for the great Google review!

More importantly, we’re locally based in Utah just like you. We’re a family business. We know, understand and respect how stressful it can be to sell your home. We were raised here in Utah, and we don’t plan on leaving no matter how much it changes. Because Utah changes as much as its residents do. And we know how circumstances can change overnight. And if your circumstances have changed and you need a fair, reasonable and above all knowledgeable offer on your home, reach out to us. There’s never an obligation to sell, and we never pressure you. And if you want to learn more about us, our house buying company reviews are tight here.

We hope that you’ll continue to stay here in Utah, and that you’ll continue to find life in the Beehive State as rewarding as we do. Whether you you need to sell a house you don’t live in or need to move away, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


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