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Have you thought to yourself, “I am behind on property taxes and do not know what to do”? We are here to help and answer questions. You are in the right place to learn more.

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I Am Behind on Property Taxes… Now What?

Have you been stressed thinking, I am behind on property taxes? My name is Gary Parker, and I’m with Aubrey and Associates Real Estate and Gary Buys Houses. We work with people that have properties in distressed situations, such as being delinquent in your property taxes. Here is a link to the Salt Lake County Treasurer’s website, where there are other links for options that will help you out with your late property taxes. They have payment options, applications for tax relief assistance, important tax dates and much, much more to help you out.  If you are in Utah County, Davis County, Weber County or any other County in Utah, you can Google your county name and “late property taxes” to get information about property taxes in your area.

How Long Can I Go Without Paying Property Taxes in Utah?

So let’s talk about important dates concerning your property taxes. Property taxes are always due in the current year on November 30th. For example, 2017 property taxes are due November 30th of 2017. After that, they’re late. So, the county will allow you to go five years delinquent before they sell your house at a tax sale auction. Let’s talk about a scenario where you are five years late. Let’s assume you are behind in your 2017 to 2013 property taxes. You have until March 15th of 2018, called the redemption period, to bring all those taxes due or work out a payment plan or make arrangements with your county. After the redemption period of March 15th, you are not allowed any options to work out your late property taxes with your County. You now have to bring all the taxes current.

So if you’re on the tax sale list in the current year, you are 5 years behind with your property taxes.  Your only option now is bring all your taxes current. Any payments made to your taxes are always applied to the most current year. So if you are late 2013 through 2017, all you can do is pay all of the taxes. For example, if you owe $6000 in taxes and all you can pay is $3,000, that $3,000 is going to get applied to the most current year. After the redemption period of March 15th, to the fourth Thursday in May which is May 24th in 2018, your only option is to bring your taxes current to stop the sell of your house. In my next segment, I’m going to go through some options that we can help you with to get those taxes paid.

How We Can Help

Okay, I’m going to talk about some options that Gary Buys Houses can help you with to keep your house or sell your house to preserve your equity while you’re not able to pay your property taxes.

We Will Loan You Money to Pay Your Taxes

The first option is very simple. We may be able to loan you the money against your property to pay your property taxes and work out payment plans with you that will set you up for success.  If you have equity in your house, we DO NOT review your credit history.

Lease Option

Another option would be to sell us your house. We will give you enough cash to pay your taxes and help with other bills, we will rent the house back to you for a reasonable amount and then give you an option to buy that house back, in say, two years down the road. We can help with credit repair and everything you need to get back on track.

Sell Your House

Another option would be to sell us the house. We will give you the equity in your house and allow you to rent the house back from us at a reasonable rate if you want. Or, we can buy your house, get your money to you and allow you to stay in the house RENT FREE for a few months utilizing our Sell Now Move Later program. This way, you have all your equity from the sell you will be able to use that to relocate and get a fresh start.

Help With Probate

Do you have a house that the owners are deceased?  Not sure what to do?  We can help you with the probate process including paying for the probate. Please do not let the state get all your equity.

Call Us Today With Questions 801-382-9199

We look forward to you getting a hold of us so we can help you with your distressed property. Remember, payment options and tax relief and things like that do not work once you’re five years late and you’re past the redemption period. It’s very important to attack late property tax issues as soon as possible. Please give us a call anytime; we love to help people and answer questions. Even if we’re not working with you, it doesn’t matter. We are really here to help, so give us a call today.

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