When Is It Too Late To Stop Foreclosure

When Is It Too Late To Stop Foreclosure

Bank and financial institutions that lend out loans do so in exchange of a guarantee or collateral. This collateral can be in the form of property, cars, bonds or any other asset that you may possess. Sometimes people are unable to repay their loans. This is when foreclosure comes into play. Foreclosure is a process … Continued

How To Write An Eviction Notice

How To Write An Eviction Notice

For many rental property owners, the easiest and most convenient way of dealing with landlord-tenant issues is through simple communication. There’s a good chance your tenant is behind on their rent for any number of perfectly legitimate reasons. There’s a good chance your tenant wasn’t entirely clear on the conditions of their lease. And there’s … Continued

how to make a tenant's life miserable

How To Deal With House Tenants Who Frustrate You

If you’ve ever owned a rental property before, you’ve probably dealt with honest, hard-working tenants who pay their rent on time and cause virtually no trouble for the most part. They may even help with the upkeep of your home and follow your specific clauses right down to the smallest detail. But if you’ve owned … Continued

What Is An All Inclusive Trust Deed

What Is An All Inclusive Trust Deed?

What Is An All Inclusive Trust Deed? It’s a common misconception that a mortgage is the sole formal document facilitating the purchase of a home. While mortgage deeds are certainly the most common, the rise of alternative home loans such as seller financing has also enabled other instruments of securing a home loan. In particular, … Continued

How to do a title search online

How & Why to do a Title Search on a Property

I’ve seen and experienced first hand some absolute nightmares which come about as a result of a buyer failing to conduct due diligence on a property. It isn’t that a seller is necessarily unscrupulous. I’ve heard stories of inherited property where there was no legal deed of ownership—because there was none even filed to begin … Continued

What happens to your house & mortgage when you die

What Happens to your House & Mortgage when you Die

Debt affects us all. Even sometimes when it’s at its least convenient. We all want to leave behind some form of legacy to our heirs; and for the most part, that’s typically going to be physical property. But debt can carry over even in death. According to a 2016 report from Experian, 37 percent of … Continued