What Is Owner Financing and What to Be Aware of

What Is Owner Financing and What to Be Aware of

If you’re a homeowner in Utah, chances are you’ve come across the term owner financing before. But what is owner financing? How can it benefit you? And more importantly, is it right for you? Bob Shepard was close to 61 when he decided to sell his home in South Jordan. Nearing retirement, Bob heard about … Continued

Should I Use A Financial Advisor When Planning My Estate

Should I Use A Financial Advisor When Planning My Estate?

One of the biggest misconceptions many people have regarding estate planning is the role of a financial advisor. For the most part, many people consider the task of planning a living trust or will is limited strictly to attorneys. But the role of an administrator in estate planning is relatively broad, and one that can … Continued

What You Need To Know About The Valuation Of Your Home

3 Ways Your Home Valuation Is Established

In the long run, there’s only one truly accurate way to know your home valuation. It’s however much a buyer wants to pay for it. After all, that’s why you’ve spent your time and energy on endless renovations and remodels. But the long run isn’t always the most realistic factor. In fact, what you can … Continued

what is a title loan, what to be aware of

The Good, Bad and Ugly About Accessing Cash Through Title Loans

Let’s face it. Emergencies can happen in your life. And they seem to come at the worst imaginable times. Your available resources seem to be practically non-existent. And the traditional options for a loan are simply closed off. Much like 43 percent of other Americans, your credit score may simply hold you back from qualifying … Continued

why should you be cautious of payday loans

4 Things You Might Not Know About Payday Lenders

There’s a lot of reasons to be proud to live in Utah. According to recent statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, we’re the fastest growing state in the country with an increase of 100 Thousand residents annually. We have the twelfth lowest poverty rate in the country, with an unemployment rate of approximately 3 percent⁠—in … Continued